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Jack Spade Tarpaulin Dry Duffle

Jack Spade Tarpaulin Dry Duffle

“Tarpaulin is an unline industrial grade material designed for water resistance and maximum durability.” At least that’s what the Jack Spade site says. Honestly, that could describe velcro, nylon, condoms, parachutes, goretex, and well, you get the idea. The point is, we – like you – have no f’ing idea what tarpaulin is. What we do know is that it’s water resistant, maximumly durable, and pretty freaking awesome. Jack Spade took some of it in two shades of blue, black, and orange and turned it into a duffle bag we must have. The bags maximum durability is completed with Jack Spade die-cast hardware, #5 molded plastic zippers, and nylon webbing. Throw in a bunch of pockets, a screened address label, and a name like Jack Spade and it’s easy to understand why we want it. If you’re listening Jack, go with “Tarpaulin, it’s waterproof and shit. You want it.” because we get that.

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