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When the weather starts warming up, we love ourselves a great cold brew coffee in the afternoon to push us through the final work hours. But the damn stuff costs $4+ a bottle, and that adds up. Now, Willow & Everett have come to the rescue with a big-ass all-in-one cold brew maker and dispenser. There’s a capacious 150-micron food-grade steel mesh filter that runs the full length of the 12” tall maker, so you can brew a gallon of the dark stuff and store it for up to two weeks, making it a one-and-done deal. The airtight lid keeps things fresh, and the residue filtered spigot is adjustable from drip to full-flow in case you need that caffeine post-haste. 8-12 servings of cold brew are housed within, about a week’s worth for average humans and about a day’s worth for our oft sludgy brains.


Travel should be exciting, and without compromise–especially when it comes to your tech. Charging all your devices requires three products: a USB charger for multiple devices, a travel adapter for power outlets, and a power adapter for your laptop. That’s too many chargers. Get rid of all of them and replace them with the all-in-one Passport GO. 30W output with GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology for fast-charging, reduced heat and maximum compatibility. Four separate USB ports including USB-C PD and an AC plug to charge everything. This is the best travel adapter out there.