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When the weather starts warming up, we love ourselves a great cold brew coffee in the afternoon to push us through the final work hours. But the damn stuff costs $4+ a bottle, and that adds up. Now, Willow & Everett have come to the rescue with a big-ass all-in-one cold brew maker and dispenser. There’s a capacious 150-micron food-grade steel mesh filter that runs the full length of the 12” tall maker, so you can brew a gallon of the dark stuff and store it for up to two weeks, making it a one-and-done deal. The airtight lid keeps things fresh, and the residue filtered spigot is adjustable from drip to full-flow in case you need that caffeine post-haste. 8-12 servings of cold brew are housed within, about a week’s worth for average humans and about a day’s worth for our oft sludgy brains.


In short, this is a key-shaped multi-tool built of stainless steel that has all of the tools you need for everyday repairs for everything from light switches to bicycles. Bit driver. Protractor. Metric and Imperial rulers. Imperial and Metric closed wrenches. Bottle Opener. File. Scoring tip. Wire bender and bike spoke key. Wire stripper. Screwdrivers. 1/4 hex driver pocket. So you might need to throw in some hex bits for specific projects, but otherwise, the Geekey has you covered for almost all of your everyday repair needs. As if that wasn’t enough, the hexogon can also serve as a smoking bowl, with the shaft of the key hollowed out to serve as a pipe.