Nothing goes down easier than a fine single malt after a long day. But your prized hooch deserves better than the glassware you use for milk and soda. Home bar or no home bar, you should own one set of good scotch glasses. If you already have some, consider these gift options for another scotch fanatic. Here are 10 of the best scotch glasses we recommend.


Glencairn Whisky Glass

Often considered the best of the best when it comes to whisky vessels, the iconic Glencairn Whisky Glass boasts a short but sturdy base and a tulip-shaped body to funnel the aroma of your scotch toward your nose. Crafted from lustrous crystal, the Glencairn Whisky Glass was the winner of the 2006 Queen’s Award for Innovation. In the 10 years since it won that award, it’s become the go-to glass for even the most accomplished scotch drinkers.


Waterford Man Men Edition

You might not have a bar cart in your office for post-meeting pours, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink like everyone’s favorite ad man. Waterford crafted a series of Mad Men-inspired drinking vessels, and the finest of the bunch are these gold-banded tumblers. Made from hefty crystal that’s been finely cut, the Old Fashioned glasses look as good in your hand as they do resting on your home bar. Infused with elegance and sophistication, the pair of glasses are worthy of scotch that’s as old as those Lucky Strike ads the Don Drapers of the world worked on.


Norlan Glass

After a successful Kickstarter run, the Norlan Glass is now available for you to pre-order. The double-walled scotch holster intensifies the color of the liquid, and the protrusions located inside help the scotch become much more expressive when swirled. Oh, and it looks cool as hell.


Faceted Whiskey Glasses

For scotch fanatics who also happen to love Blade Runner, it’s time consume your prized single malts just like Rick Deckard. The Faceted Whiskey Glass is a more fractal take on the glass Deckard swigged from in the movie. Available in Clear or Smoke, the Faceted Whiskey Glass will get noticed even if you’re drinking bottom shelf liquor.


GlassblowerBen Medium Glasses

With over a decade of experience working with molten glass, Ben Dombey knows how to whip up a scotch glass. His medium-sized glasses are some of our favorite drinking vessels, and at 3 3/4″ tall, are ideal for a splash and some ice. Completely made in the USA, each set of glasses can be stamped with a logo of your choosing—a fleur de lis, a skull, a honeycomb, or one of the other options.


The Cube Glass

If you keep the Cube Glass in your freezer, it can drop the temp on that scotch without watering it down. Better than that, it looks awesome. Designed by Nate Cotterman, the glass comes with a solid glass cube fused inside. Even if you aren’t keeping it in your freezer to slightly chill your hooch, it will be your prized scotch tumbler just from its slick design.


The NEAT Whiskey Glass

The compact NEAT Whiskey Glass just feels at home in your hand. Designed to diffuse intense alcohol fumes, the glass funnels that peaty aroma right into your nostrils. Made in the USA and able to hold up to 2 oz. of your booze juice.


Mazama Wares Small Tumbler

Chances are you aren’t a professional scotch reviewer, and things like the lacing it leaves on the sides of your glass after swirled and its exact hue aren’t all that important. Since that’s the case, you’re not tied to a vessel that’s crystal clear. These hand-thrown vitrified stoneware tumblers from Mazama Wares allow you to bring some color into the mix. The dishwasher safe glasses are available in a variety of eye-catching shades.


Matterhorn Glasses

You may not have climbed a mountain today, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a nightcap after a demanding day. For the adventurous scotch fantatic, there’s the Matterhorn Glass, which features the famous Alpine mountain emerging from the bottom. Not only does it look cool, but it helps open up that single malt as you swirl it around.


The Lowball

The Lowball looks like the tumbler from the future, and for a cool $280, you can look like a scotch-drinking time traveler. Milled from aerospace grade aluminum, each boasts textural details that keep the tumbler from slipping out of your hand mid-sip. An inert coating guarantees your scotch won’t get contaminated, and the lip was crafted to minimize drips that turn to rings on your coffee table.

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