Maybe you stayed up way to late last night? You definitely had two or three too many. This does not change the fact that there is plenty of work to be done today. Time to drink a pot of coffee or two and get down to business. Fill this mug to the brim and heed the subtle reminder that if you want to stay up partying with the boys you need to get up with the men.


Fulton & Roark’s solid fragrances have received tons of attention over the years because they’re perfect for guys who travel, get ready at the gym or want to smell great. Unlike other “loud” spray colognes, this is a more subtle way of wearing cologne and you can keep it in your pocket to reapply when necessary. Their new Limited Reserve scent Medicine Bow smells like fresh leaves, citrus, and just a hint of cannabis–plus, the first 1,000 units come in a custom matte white case that looks as good as this stuff smells. Get yours now.