Likely much tastier than the Apollo 11 flight crew’s “fortified fruit strips”, Seattle Chocolate’s Moon Rocks Truffle Bar commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the first Moon Landing in partnership with The Museum of Flight. The decadent and fun ingredients include milk chocolate truffle and small bits of popping candy, a more appealing, legal, and less expensive alternative to actual moon rocks. The limited edition treat gets a special wrapper, too. Artist Jessica Allen’s hand-drawn and painted art stems from her childhood books and communicates just the right amount of nostalgia and playfulness with a lone astronaut we’ll assume is Neil Armstrong making footprints on the Moon’s surface.


Xeric watches have always been bold, unique and stylish, but their newest watch is absolutely otherworldly. Xeric teamed up with NASA to create watches for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. The dial features a star map of the constellations surrounding Trappist-1. The grill references the ISS cupola window to give you the sense of looking out into space. The dome crystal is Hesalite, a material originally developed by NASA in the ’60s. Time is displayed with planetary hour and minute hands and stars on the sweeping seconds hand. It’s like wearing space on your wrist.