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Whether you’re talking about the Guinness Draught you know and love, Extra Stout or Foreign Extra Stout, there’s no denying the fact that makes some of the best stouts out there when you want something reliable and readily available. Their Open Gate Brewery in Maryland–the same brewery that’s churning out their IPA and Blonde–just dropped the latest, Over the Moon Milk Stout. Brewed with unfermentable lactose sugar for that milk stout creaminess, Over the Moon has a subtle sweetness and chocolaty flavor, along with notes of coffee and caramel. According to head brewer Hollie Stephenson, “Over The Moon is meant to appeal to a wide spectrum of beer drinkers, as well as convey the creativity and versatility of our brewing team here in Baltimore.” Over the Moon is on tap at the Open Gate Brewery and available nationally in six-packs for a limited time.


At the end of a long day we like to decompress with some peace and quiet and two fingers of the good stuff. Keep it simple and cut right to the chase with these glasses.