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We don’t want to get too big-box discount store about it, but if you’re anything like us, conversations prior to the morning coffee just shouldn’t happen. We are incapable of functioning properly in the AM without the proper caffeine dose from our favorite bean blend, and that’s where F*cking Strong Coffee comes in. Made with a complex blend of Brazilian and Honduran Arabica Coffee that’s been packed and roasted at the Firebox facilities in London, this morning water concentrate is fragrant, full-bodied and, as they like to say, “f*cking flavoursome.” Having tried it ourselves, we’re inclined to agree on all those points.


We’re sick of the quarantine beard, so we’re going clean shaven again. We’re doing it with a Henson razor. Precision-machined out of aluminum by a boutique aerospace manufacturer, this razor feels and works better than anything else on the market. It presents the blade at such a precise angle you can barely feel the shave. It’s uncanny. Most guys (and gals, they have a women’s razor) prefer drugstore cartridge razors because they’re plug ‘n play. Honestly, the Henson design ensures perfect positioning every time, and it’s cheaper and better for the environment long-term. Switch today.