You need a boost of energy, but you don’t want to drink a cup of black coffee. You could go one route and fill half your cup with hazelnut creamer in an effort to get rid of that coffee taste. Or, you could go a completely different route and grab a high-caffeine cup of tea. You might be surprised to hear it, but you can still get a potent dose of caffeine without guzzling a cup of coffee or chugging a 5-hour Energy drink. If you don’t know rooibos from matcha, let us help you out. Here are 6 teas with a solid amount of caffeine.


Zest Tea Blue Lady

With a name like Zest Tea, you know this potion will pack a real caffeine wallop. Their slogan is “the most caffeinated tea on the market” and that’s no lie. The Blue Lady gets its flavor from South Indian Flower Orange Pekoe Black Tea and a few other ingredients. It’s delicious, soothing and has the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee. Link


Celestial Seasonings Fast Lane

When many people think of Celestial Seasonings, they think of the brand’s famous Sleepy Time Tea. That tea is designed to put you to sleep. This one is designed to wake you up. And not just a little bit. This black tea gets its leaves from Assam and the island of Java. They even throw in extra caffeine as well as cola nut and something called eleuthero to really ramp up the buzz. It’s the spicy kick you need to start your day off right. Link


HiCaf Caramel Black Tea

Not only is this tea smooth with subtle hints of caramel. It also contains more caffeine than a cup of coffee. A regular cup of coffee has about 100mg of caffeine and this tea packs in 123mgs per cup. That’s a lot of caffeine. This rich tea, brewed with black tea and green tea extract, will make you forgot why you ever drank coffee in the first place. Link


Teavana Matcha Japanese Green Tea

Not only does this tea have a ton of caffeine, but it’s also organic so you can feel good about that too. One of the trendiest tea (and cocktail) ingredients in recent years is matcha. This finely ground green tea powder gives this tea a truly unique, smooth flavor. It was made from tencha green tea leaves that were stone ground to perfection. It’s designed to invigorate you and give you energy and more focus without the crash usually associated with coffee. Link


David’s Tea Jumpy Monkey

This tea gets its name because of the fact that it will energize you, but also because it’s composed of myriad exotic ingredients. This tea actually gets a much needed boast with roasted peaberry coffee beans, Argentine mate, and various herbs, roots and barks. The main ingredients are yerba mate, green yerba mate and white chocolate. The best part? This tea has so few calories that you can drink it every morning, guilt free. Link


Stash Super Irish Breakfast

There’s no disputing that the Irish enjoy their tea at breakfast. And, being Irish, they like their tea really strong. How else are you going to push yourself through a giant plate of bacon, eggs, sausage, black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and maybe even a pint of Guinness. Stash refers to this tea as “the espresso” of teas and it packs a punch of Assam from India, a place that makes more black tea than anywhere else in the world. But, that’s only half of it. The other tea is Ceylon from Sri Lanka. This is a worldly tea that will definitely wake you up and get you moving. Link

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