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You’ve Got Mail: The 12 Best Monthly Deliveries

You’ve Got Mail: The 12 Best Monthly Deliveries

Monthly delivery clubs have been around since people actually ordered things through the mail, but these new options are much better than the ones you might be familiar with. In other words, when you’re talking about whiskey, vinyl or cured meats, these “of the month” clubs are actually worth paying for.

1. Ship & Dip Condiments

$33 for 3 Full-Size Bottles delivered each Month, for 12 months

Agave Ketchup by Boys Grow. Bacon Jam by Our Sassy Pantry. Raspberry Habanero BBQ Sauce by Down Under BBQ. Spicy Fruit Ketchup by Mel’s Melting Pot. We haven’t even heard of half the brands that end up in the monthly condiment box from Ship & Dip, but each and every one of three full-size bottles you get each month looks far more delicious than anything you’d find at the grocery store.

2. Tender Belly Bacon Every Month Club

$59 per month for 4lbs of bacon

You can order plenty of ridiculous things on the Internet, but 48lbs of bacon delivered in monthly, 4lb chunks might be the best thing we’ve ever found. It doesn’t hurt that Tender Belly pigs have a 100% vegetarian diet with no antibiotics, no hormones and no gestation or farrowing crates. The exceptional meat to fat ratio is complimented with a maple and spice rub, dry curing and cherrywood-smoking.

3. Olympic Provisions Salami of the Month Club

$145 for 1 gourmet salami delivered each month for 12 months

There’s no wrong way to eat salami, but if you’re enrolled in Olympic Provisions Salami of the Month Club each of the the 12 different gourmet salamis will be delivered with detailed tasting notes and Salumist (yes, that’s a real thing) Elias Cario’s favorite ways to enjoy it. Pairs well with a wine delivery.

4. Caskers Whiskey Club

$155 for 3 unique whiskies delivered every 3 months

Technically, the Caskers Whiskey Club is a quarterly delivery, but we’re willing to overlook that on account of the fact that you get three 750ml bottles of whiskey like Few Single Barrel Rye, Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon or Virginia Highland Malt Whiskey as part of each delivery. You’re basically getting a bottle a month, but you’ll have to exercise some restraint between deliveries.

5. Citizen Bean Coffee Delivery

$18 for 1LB of Small Batch Roasted Beans delivered each month

If you’re anything like us, a pound of coffee is the minimum purchase level for at home brewing, which makes Citizen Bean’s monthly deliveries perfect for the caffeine addict inside us all. Each pound that ends up on your doorstep is from a small batch roaster that’s committed to AAA Arabica beans from sustainable sources, and there will never be flavored beans.

6. Craft Beer Club

$40 for 12 Craft Beers delivered each Month

You can go to almost any liquor store and pick up a twelve pack of delicious craft beer. Since distribution can be a pain in the ass for small, independent brewers though, you’re not likely to find anything like the variety pack of three bottles each from four different breweries like Blue Pants, Arcadia Ales and Lucid Brewing that will get delivered to you every month with the Craft Beer Club.

7. Club W Wine

$13 for a Single Bottle of Wine delivered each month

Wine “of the month” clubs aren’t new, but Club W isn’t the same club our mom’s were members of when we were younger. Take their simple, six question test (don’t worry, it’s in plain English) to create your customized palate profile. Club W will give you recommendations from their selection, and you’ll get a bottle of the good stuff that you’re guaranteed to love delivered every month.

8. Too Darn Hot Hot Sauce of the Month Club

$75 for Two Hot Sauces delivered each month for 3 months

There might be more than one type of Sriracha sauce on the market, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not the perfect hot sauce for every dish. If you’re one of those people that needs a little extra kick in every dish, or you know someone who is, check out the Hot Sauce of the Month Club from Too Darn Hot. Two specially selected, unique hot sauces on your doorstep every month.

9. Turntable Kitchen

$25 per Pairing-Box each Month

Dinner parties just took a turn for the awesome with Turntable Kitchen. Every month, you get an exclusive 7″ vinyl, digital mixtape, premium ingredients, seasonal recipes and tasting notes. Add some protein, friends, wine and a turntable for one phenomenal evening.

10. Art in a Box

$150 for Original Art work delivered each month for 3 months

If picking art was easy, galleries wouldn’t need curators. Thankfully for the rest of us, Art in a Box exists. Curated by The Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA, Art in a Box will deliver a different piece every month based on your preference of artist medium and three adjectives you use to describe your art taste.

11. Vinyl Me Please

$75 for a hand picked record delivered each month for 3 months

Vinyl Me, Please is the best way to bolster your vinyl collection without crate digging or record store day lines. Each month, the team of tastemakers at Vinyl Me, please selects a new record that’s essential to any collection, packs it with a custom cocktail recipe and limited edition art print and gets it to your door. You’ll have to make the cocktail yourself and put the record on your turntable, but other than that, Vinyl Me, Please takes care of the rest of it.

12. Man Packs


Man Packs takes the pain out of shopping for basics. Socks, underwear, razors and toiletries, from all the brands you choose, delivered every three months (or sooner, if you need it). It’s high time you threw out, or burned, the same old stuff that’s been in the rotation for years. With Man Packs, you don’t even need to worry about it because those important items will just show up at your door.