I: Into the Wild

If you ever wanted to leave it all behind and explore the wilderness while an awesome soundtrack plays, here you go. Amazon Instant iTunes


J: Jaws

Single-handedly made us afraid of the ocean when we were younger. Amazon Instant iTunes


K: The Killing Fields

About as real as a war movie can be, without being a documentary. Amazon Instant iTunes


L: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Not many sequels live up to their predecessor, but in this case, it surpasses it. Amazon Instant iTunes


M: The Matrix

It will turn your brain into mush. In the best way possible. Amazon Instant iTunes


N: No Country For Old Men

Books are almost always better than the movie. This film, based off a Cormac McCarthy novel, does a great read justice. Amazon Instant iTunes


O: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Picking the best Jack Nicholson movie is like picking the best player in an all-star game. His performance as the crazy/not-so-crazy Randle McMurphy, however, takes One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest to the top. Amazon Instant iTunes

Pulp Fiction

P: Pulp Fiction

Tarantino’s best film. And that’s saying a lot. Amazon Instant iTunes

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TROVA. The physical storage device that prevents inappropriate audiences from accessing jewelry, vapes, prescription/recreational drugs or other private items that require a certain level of… let’s call it discretion.  It’s perfect for larger pockets, backpacks, or vacation carry-on. And because the sleek design mimics a hard drive or battery, only you’ll know its contents. Unlock TROVA using your smartphone. Yeah. The key to this beauty is your freaking phone. This small but mighty accessory gives you worry-free mobility and worry-free is really all we’re looking for when it comes to travel products.