Q: Quiz Show

The real story was so interesting to begin with, that Quiz Show got a head start on being a phenomenal movie. Amazon Instant


R: Raiders of the Lost Ark

The only thing we would have liked would’ve been the addition of Short Round to the first film in the Indiana Jones franchise.


S: The Shawshank Redemption

We watch it every time it’s on TNT… and that’s a whole lot. Amazon Instant iTunes


T: Toy Story

Shut up. Toy Story is great. Amazon Instant iTunes


U: The Usual Suspects

Who doesn’t love a deliciously thought-provoking crime thriller? Amazon Instant iTunes


V: Vertigo

A Hitchcock classic that he considered his most personal film. Amazon Instant iTunes


W: The Wrestler

The film that violently threw Mickey Rourke back in our laps. Amazon Instant iTunes


X: X-Men: First Class

There aren’t a ton of movies that start with the letter “X,” but luckily there is one that we happened to really enjoyed. Amazon Instant iTunes


Y: Young Frankenstein

A spoof movie that could actually be considered better than the movie it’s spoofing.


Z: Zero Dark Thirty

Getting past Andy Dwyer as a member of Seal Team Six is the only tough part of this movie. Oh, and the violent torture.


#: 2001: A Space Odyssey

The definition of “epic.” iTunes

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