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The 99%: America’s Top-Rated Breweries

The 99%: America’s Top-Rated Breweries

Most ‘Best Breweries’ lists are based on the author’s opinion. For this list we decided to delve deeper. Instead of just telling you what we think, we used a web scraper to pull data from BeerAdvocate (our trusted source for beer reviews) so we could comb through it and determine what people really think.

If breweries tied based on these criteria, the brewery with more beers brewed got the higher ranking. The highest rated beer per brewery needed to have a minimum of 50 reviews to be considered. So, without further ado, here are the 25 best breweries in America.

25. Beachwood BBQ & Brewing

Beachwood often gets overshadowed by other big-time California breweries, which is shocking because they can go beer-to-beer with almost any of them. Like most West Coast breweries, they churn out killer IPAs and other hop-forward brews, and while snagging a bottle to enjoy at home is one thing, you really should make the trip to enjoy a pint with some slow smoked meat. Link

24. Founders Brewing Co.

When it comes to consistently putting out great beer, it is hard to beat Founders. And while hunting down some KBS or even some CBS (godspeed) isn’t the easiest thing to do, snagging a 6-pack of Centennial IPA or one of their other staple brews is a piece of cake, and they all rock. Link

23. Central Waters Brewing Co.

If you’re taking a brew trip through Wisconsin, you already know you’re going to hit New Glarus, but if that’s the only stop you have planned, it’s time to break out the schedule. Central Waters is one of the nation’s most environmentally-friendly breweries that just happens to also produce incredible beer. While we haven’t been blown away by every beer they’ve made, when they’re good, they’re really good. Link

22. New Glarus Brewing Co.

Just a few spot up from state-buddy Central Waters, New Glarus makes the cut for their tremendous fruit beers. While we’re fans of Spotted Cow and some other staples, it’s beers like Serendipity and Strawberry Rhubarb that make the quaint little brewery stand out. Link

21. Tired Hands Brewing Company

Tired Hands is probably the only brewery on this list that would also make the cut for best bread bakers in America. Jean Broillet and company offer an ever-changing tap list with killer saisons, hazy fruit-forward IPAs, and interesting concoctions best enjoyed with a plate of their bread and butter. Link
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20. Three Floyds Brewing Co. & Brewpub

As anyone who’s tasted fresh Zombie Dust or Dreadnaught can attest, Three Floyds needs to be on this list. We’re actually a little surprised they didn’t rank higher. Even if you don’t make the trek to Munster, Indiana for Dark Lord Day, you should make it out to taste the killer selection of pale ales and IPAs Three Floyds has on tap and in bottles. Link
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19. Ebenezer’s Brewpub/Lively Brewing Co.

They don’t make a lot of beers, but damn if those few they do brew aren’t short of spectacular. Lively Brewing Co., which is part of Ebenezer’s Brewpub in Brunswick, Maine, makes tremendous beer which often gets overlooked because the brewpub has so many stellar Belgian legends to enjoy. Their style mixes that Belgian knowledge with a little bit of aggressive Americana to produce gems like their new Space Taxi quad. Link

18. Allagash Brewing Company

In a way, it’s actually more impressive to be a bigger brewery and make this list. It means you can brew a lot of great beer consistently, and that’s not easy task. With distribution across the East Coast and other select areas, Allagash isn’t the smallest brewery on this list, but they put out tremendous regulars and rarities. Allagash White is almost an afterthought for many, but it’s a perfectly done Witbier, and when you add in some of their Coolship series, well, you have just an all-around great brewery. Link

17. Perennial Artisan Ales

We were first introduced to Perennial Artisan Ales at a beer event where we got to try a taster of Sump Coffee Stout. After that sip, we began a mission to try as many of their brews as possible, because Sump was fan-freaking-tastic. Here’s what we’ve learned: the Saint Louis-based brewery goes bold and big. They play around with interesting flavors in their beers—pecan pie, mint chocolate, and walnut to name a few—and continuously knock them out of the park. Link

16. Russian River Brewing Co.

We’ll admit that we’re pretty shocked Russian River isn’t higher on this list. For starters, they do something few other American breweries really do: they nail their sours. Oh, and they make hoppy legends like Pliny the Elder, Pliny the Younger, and Blind Pig. Vinnie Cilurzo and company may not care, but #16 is a bit of an injustice. Link
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15. Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

We’re going to be upfront with you: we’ve never had a beer from Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company. That said, we’re booking our tickets for Gilbert now (although we’re guessing Gilbert doesn’t have an airport). With such tremendous ratings, the brewery either has the kindest fans ever, or they happen to be brewing the best beer you’ve never heard of. Link

14. Sante Adairius Rustic Ales

With the skill to tackle “simple” and approachable beers in an elegant way, and master wild brews with elegance, Sante Adairius Rustic Ales is one of those breweries people are starting to hear more and more about. Tucked away in Capitola, CA, just south of Santa Cruz, the team offers a wide-ranging tap list with something for the adventurous craft beer fan to the guy who normally just drinks Blue Moon. Link

13. Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

We’ve mentioned this advice before, but if you ever see a bottle of Firestone Walker beer being sold in a brown box: buy it. We don’t care if it’s Parabola, Sucaba, or any of their Anniversary brews, you’re going to be blown away. Actually, you don’t even need to search out their harder to find offerings, everything they make is killer. You can find Double Jack pretty easily, and it’s better than 99% of the Double IPAs out there. Link
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