67. Slap Shot

68. Snatch

69. Stand by Me

70. Taxi Driver

71. The Big Lebowski

Instead of stressing about life, maybe you should just pour yourself a White Russian, man.

72. The Dark Knight

73. The Deer Hunter

74. The Departed

75. The Descendants

76. The Fighter

77. The Godfather

The Godfather II is better, but it might be the only movie that is.

78. The Godfather II

79. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

80. The Graduate

81. The Hangover

Despite an angry Mike Tyson, a drunken wedding, and a missing groom, it made every guy want his bachelor party to take place in Vegas.

82. The Hurt Locker

83. The Hustler

84. The Killing Fields

85. The Matrix

86. The Shawshank Redemption

87. The Shining

88. The Silence of the Lambs

89. The Social Network

The script was about 1,000 times better than anything ever written on Facebook.

90. The Sting

91. The Terminator

92. The Town

93. The Usual Suspects

94. The Warriors

In a world where movie ideas are taken, messed with, and regurgitated to make money, there’s nothing else like The Warriors.

95. The Wrestler

96. There Will Be Blood

97. Trainspotting

98. Unforgiven

99. Whiplash

In the right hands, any topic can be thrilling—even playing the drums.

100. Young Frankenstein

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