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Hands-On: Away Luggage

Hands-On: Away Luggage

Our trip to Paris a few weeks back was simply superb. It was a quick four days away from the office, but in that time, we saw and did a lot. Part of conquering our packed itinerary meant frequently moving and being on the go—with all our stuff in tow. It took a solid piece of luggage to keep us organized and together during the trip, which is why we’re glad the folks from Away hooked us up with the goods.

The Medium case by Away gave us rock solid security and compartmentalized organization that made it easy for us to grab what we needed, whether on the bullet train to Cognac, or in a hurried ten-minute outfit change between arriving at our hotel rooms and hopping into an awaiting Uber for dinner.

Life on the run is fun, but only when you’ve got gear that makes it possible. Here’s our hands-on review.

What is it?

A line of ultra-light, ultra-durable suitcases made from German polycarbonate that feature 360-degree spinner wheels, along with interiors that include patent-pending compression systems, a removable laundry bag, mesh pockets, and a TSA-approved security lock. Other models also include USB charging ports and a removable 10,000 mAh battery.


Who is it made for?

Anyone who likes to adventure in style. If you’re a traveler on the move, someone seeking the allure of far-off exotic locales, or even someone who’s always traveling for business, the Away luggage collection is a good fit. At a price tag between $225 and $295, you can see why they say it’s “first class luggage at a coach price.”

How Does It feel?

It’s a quality rig. The 360-degree spinners made rolling around easy—from train platforms to airport security lines. The pockets, zippers, and security straps all felt sturdy and didn’t break, tear, or split, and the polycarbonate hard shell lived up to the quality you’d expect from a German company.


What We Liked:

The TSA-approved security lock was a nice touch that made us feel better about traveling on train or by plane. The 360-degree wheels are also an excellent feature that we really came to appreciate while we were running around and on the move.

What We Didn’t Like:

The removable battery and charging port on The Carry-On are so incredibly innovative, yet we’re baffled as to why those features are absent on both The Medium and The Large. Why start with something awesome and then ditch it for the other—and the more expensive—models?

Coolest Feature:

The USB and rechargeable battery take the cake, for sure. We love the hard shell, and we really, really appreciate the quality lining and organizational system inside, but the USB charger is simply genius.


Would We Buy It?

No questions asked—yes. Even if you’re not a hardcore traveler looking for the most rugged gear on the planet, the Away luggage collection is quality, relatively affordable, and built to last. No bull shit, no nonsense—just quality made gear for the man on the go.