When you think of an unusual beer glass, you probably think of a novelty item for sale at Spencer Gifts that’s sadder than the swill someone will put in it. That’s why, for the most part, you should stick to the appropriate glassware for your different brews. That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t have something a little unique in your beer vessel arsenal. Here are some unique beer glasses that aren’t designed to be party store gimmicks.


Fujiyama Beer Glass

The head on your beer will mimic the peaks of Mt. Fuji when you fill this glass up. Designed by Keita Suzuki of Sugahara Glassworks, the 9.5 oz glass comes packed in a wooden box like fine Japanese tea pieces.


A-B-C x Omnipollo Beer Cup

Omnipollo, the stellar Swedish craft brewery, teamed up with A-B-C to design a glass worthy of their tremendous beer. The result looks like a cross between a mini mug and the World Cup trophy. Perfect for your next taste of Nebuchadnezzar.


The Oregon Pint Glass

Want to celebrate your love for all the tremendous craft beer coming out of Oregon? We can’t think of a better glass to do it with than this one. Each 16 oz. glass has a tiny Mt. Hood on the bottom which was mapped out using USGS 3D data.


Dual Beer Glass

We’ve talked before about the delicious concoctions you can create when you mix two beers together. If you want to try, this is the ideal glass. The handmade Dual Beer Glass from Pretentious Beer Glass keeps the two brews separated before they hit your lips.


Eva Solo Beer Glass

The compact shape was chosen to enhance the glow of the beer, and the tilted base allows you to comfortably slip a finger underneath while carrying your brew around. Ideal for heavier beers that benefit from warming up in the palm of your hand. Mouth-blown and elegant.


Battle Mug

Machined from a solid block of 6061 T6 billet aluminum and featuring a M1913 rail interface for add-ons like a tactical light or a bayonet, the Battle Mug is the beer mug for the battlefield. Each is individually serialized so you can claim one as your own, and then go forth and customize it to be the most badass beer vessel at your next poker game. Just put the bayonet away after you’ve had a few.


Sliced Cold Beer Glass

No need to pound a sixer to start making your beer glass look funny, simply pour your next pint into one of these. Despite the frosted finish which we usually hate when it comes to glassware, these Sliced Cold Beer Glasses look killer. It’s like a samurai just made quick work out of your decision to have another.

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