Brass is often an overlooked metal, being not as shiny as gold and not as widely utilized as sterling silver. It’s technically an alloy made between copper and zinc, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that it can give even the most mundane everyday items new life. Its weight and general heft adds durability that means these items will last long after you. While brass looks good around your neck or on your wrist, it can also be used to add a nice contrast to a leather bracelet or belt. Don’t worry about babying it either, like a fine wine or good leather, brass will only get better with age.


Zodiac Peep Show Token Necklace

This necklace features your zodiac sign and its corresponding kama sutra position on the back, close to your heart. If this doesn’t spark conversation you aren’t trying hard enough.


Giles & Brother: I.D. Tag with Hinge Cuff

This cuff features an I.D. tag that doubles as a closure. The company offers engravings to add some humor or a personal touch. Buy it as a gift – or just for yourself.


Cause & Effect: Thin Brass Bar Cuff

A simple cuff that is more worn than shin remains safely removed from being mistaken for womens’ jewelry. This option is affordable and the simple design is clean and undistracting.


Fine Light Trading: Double Horse Ring

Inspired by vintage Mexican souvenir rings, this sturdy ring is a recreation of the types favored by 1940s biker gangs. Each piece is constructed from five separate components, each handmade.


J.L. Lawson & Co: Brass Cufflinks

Manually machined in the US, these simple cufflinks can be taken off to be used as a top if you need a little added entertainment. Each one is cut from a single piece of 360 brass, known for its strength.


IGWT: Solid Brass Tie Bar

A traditional tie bar in solid brass that boasts the added option of personalization. While tie bars are stylish, they’re functional too. Keep your neckpiece out of the holiday dishes.


Monocle: Brass Key Ring

A simple yet elegant brass keyring that does its job simply and effectively. It’ll look good while you swing it on your fingers walking down the street.


Miansai: Mav Bracelet in Brass

Miansai has been constructing solid accessories since their conception by Michael Saiger back in 2008. The mix between the metal and leather mediums meshes well, while Miansai’s craftsmanship will insure your piece lasts for years to come.


Taylor Stitch: Cognac Buckle Belt

The leather on this belt is buttery smooth without needing breaking in, but only gets better after a few years. The buckle sits comfortably against the leather and adds a subtle contrast.


Sword & Plough: Brass Cufflinks

These cufflinks are repurposed military jacket buttons, giving each pair added character and history. Get patriotic while looking presidential.

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