Gift Guide: The 1%

You’re rich, they’re rich, holidays are a bitch. When your stocking stuffers include diamonds and car keys, your other gifts have to match. Even if you aren’t in the 1%, it’s just fun to dream about getting these things. Hey, maybe if you ask Santa nicely and leave a shit-ton of cookies you’ll have a shot.

Polite Table Tennis Co. Table

These aren’t those 2-in-1 ping pong tables that transform into an air hockey surface you find at Toys “R” Us, these are stunning tables for grown men. Handmade from fine wood and heavy steel, each is as much a showpiece as it is a legit game table. You need to contact the company for exact pricing, but the rustic tables start around $12k. $12,000+


For the eco-loving outdoorsman, the Quadrofoil would be a welcome plaything. It’s a zero emissions watercraft that can fly above waves to keep you dry. While it won’t ship until March, a picture should suffice for the time being since you just got them the coolest gift ever. $19,100

Titan Zeus 370” 4K TV

When a normal TV is not a good enough gift, the richest of the rich can turn to Zeus from Titan Screens. The world’s largest TV boasts stunning 4K, is built by hand, and is delivered in a custom Hummer. $1,600,000

Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

When you want to give a pair of cans that outperform some Beats or flashy Urbanears, Sennhesier has you covered … for a price. The HD 800 headphones are hand-assembled in Germany with Sennheiser’s most advanced driver technology. They offer a natural listening experience with minimal resonance. Give the gift of brilliant audio. $1,500

24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike

We can’t sit here and say we’d ever want to take this thing on some trails, but we can tell you it’s the bike fit for a king. The Beverly Hills Edition mountain bike is handcrafted and overlaid with 24k gold. Wonderfully excessive. $495,000

Ulaelu Minimal Outdoor Kitchen

Forget a grill, this is an entire outdoor kitchen. The Ulaelu connects to your garden hose to provide a working sink, and couples that with a work area, a propane-powered cook station, and storage space. $4,650

Inheritance Collection Sofa

Furniture is an odd gift, but if you’ve got the cash and want to go that route, we can’t think of a more masculine sofa to give. The Inheritance Collection Sofa is constructed out of re-purposed WWII military fabric, smooth leather straps, steel, and custom webbing belts. It’s the opposite of the floral print one in your grandma’s house. $5,600

The Only Green – Mackenzie

You could get the golfer in your life a new club, boxes of range balls, or some new gloves, but none of those come close to the awesomeness of The Only Green. Handmade in the USA, The Only Green – Mackenzie can replicate almost any situation they could encounter on the course. With 16 break stations and up to 3 million different combos, it’s almost unfair to other golfers who can’t practice with it. $11,295

MB&F HM6 Space Pirate Watch

We guarantee they’ve never seen a watch like the HM6 before. The wildly original timepiece is composed of four capsules that surround one center power capsule, and it draws inspiration from a comic book spacecraft. It’s stunning, crazy, and perfect for the guy who already has a ton of Rolex watches. $230,000

Mr. Kennedy 24 Carat Gold Laces

Sure they already have an assistant to tie their laces for them, but those laces are garbage. For laces worthy of those Air Jordan 2 OG’s, get him these 24 Carat Gold Laces from Mr. Kennedy. $19,000

The Emperor 200 Computer Workstation

Want to do your work like you’re aboard a futuristic spaceship? The Emperor 200 is the workstation for you. Each is hand-built and features a touchscreen control center, air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat, LED screens, and some sci-fi style. $49,150

HP Sport Sub 2

That wealthy man on your list has probably been living far too long without his own submarine. Now, when buying a sub, you don’t want to go all Hunt For Red October on him, instead get something small and fun. Something like the HP Sport Sub 2. It won’t be delivered for a year, but you just bought them a 2-person sub, they can wait.$1,200,000

A Viking Ship

If they’re not interested in submerged water travel, consider getting them their own viking ship. Built by craftsmen in the ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde, these modern versions are inspired by the ships of yore. Since it’s built by the folks at The Viking Ship Museum, you can rest assured it’s going to be spot on, unlike all those fake viking ships out there. $41,000

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