Whether you’re looking for something to offset your latest watch acquisition or pair with new selvedge, a cuff bracelet is a good idea. There are plenty of options out there for men’s cuffs depending on material, design, price, color, style and maker, so we’re here to help whittle it down. We picked out 8 great men’s metal cuff bracelets from a collection of smaller artisans and larger shops with a focus on unique men’s jewelry that’s made to last. 


Mealguet Jewelry Stainless Polish Cuff Bracelet

Mealgut Jewelry’s stainless polish cuff bracelet is flat, simple, basic and available in a number of finishes, some of which include free engraving. The flat bracelet isn’t going to win any awards for innovative design, but the fact that it checks all the boxes necessary for the guy looking for something svelte, simple and affordable is why we like it.


Studebaker Hand-forged Cuffs

Hand-forged in Pittsburgh the old-fashioned way with nothing more than a hammer, anvil and a single piece of American copper, sterling silver or American brass, each Studebaker hand-forged cuff is a unique, uncoated piece that will patina over time. They’re the perfect men’s cuff for the guy looking for something a little more raw.


Craighill Uniform Round Cuff

If you’re looking to upgrade your accessories game with something with a little bit of heft that’s still super clean, there’s no better option than a Craighill Uniform Round Cuff. Each bracelet is made in Ohio from 1/4” diameter solid type 303 stainless steel that’s bent into the perfect cuff shape and finished with bull-nose (rounded) ends.


Maxx & Unicorn Solid Brass Twisted Cuff

The Solid Brass Twisted Cuff from M&U (Maxx & Unicorn) is made in the USA of solid brass that’s been cast, cleaned, tumbled and hand-finished to create the perfect piece of flair to compliment a watch, bare wrist or collection of other bracelets. And since it’s made of solid brass, this twisted cuff will look good for ages.


NOVICA Woven Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Produced in association with National Geographic and local Indonesian artisan Komang Wijayana, this NOVICA bracelet is fair trade, includes a story card to verify authenticity and a travel jewelry pouch. More importantly, this men’s silver cuff bracelet is made with .925 sterling silver and woven into a pattern designed to evoke flowing water. If you want the polished end of the spectrum instead of something raw, this is it.


Giles & Brother Original Railroad Spike Cuff

Philip Crangi’s Giles & Brother line has produced quite a few iconic designs over the years, but none has been as influential (or ripped off) as the Giles & Brother Original Railroad Spike Cuff. This jewelry version of a bent railroad spike is approximately 1/4” thick, made of brass and can even be engraved on the flat sides.


Room101 Pyramid Cuff Bracelet

If raw materials, rough shapes and traditional designs aren’t your thing, the Pyramid Cuff Bracelet from Los Angeles-based Room101 is perfect for your wrist. Featuring faceted, pyramidal side details and crafted from stainless steel that’s been black PVD coated, this 3/8” thick metal cuff bracelet is geometric and funky while still being suited for everyday wear.


Miansai NYX Cuff

The name Miansai is one you’ve definitely heard before, but they make quite a few stylish men’s accessories that aren’t their iconic fish hook and board bracelet. Their latest release, the NYX Cuff, is a full round cuff style bracelet made with sterling silver finished in a matte black rhodium. It also has one of the most unique closing mechanisms we’ve seen on a men’s bracelet since they started the fish hook trend.

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