Punching bags are an invaluable part of every gym. Not only are they great to practice your punching and kicking on, but they also improve balance and reaction time, as well as provide excellent cardio conditioning. In fact, when used appropriately, a punching bag is a heavy-hitting full body workout. Oh, and they’re also fun as hell to work with. So why, then, do so few of us invest in them for our personal gyms or incorporate them in our daily workout routine, especially if we all know they can be affordable, and the right bag can be placed anywhere? Gentlemen, it’s time. These are the 8 best punching bags to help channel your inner Conor McGregor:


Century Wavemaster XXL

It might sound more like a surfboard or a wave runner than a punching bag, but the Wavemaster XXL is one of the most renowned and highly rated standup heavy bags in the world. Ideal for areas that simply can’t accommodate a hanging heavy bag, the Wavemaster is roughly 270 pounds when filled with either sand or water, and its heavyweight nylon top can take all the beatings you can dish out. Its massive striking area means it’s great for kicking, throwing knees, and punching. The top screws and locks directly into the base, which makes it sturdy and easy to transport, if need be.


Century BOB

Century’s BOB (Body Opponent Bag) is another 270-pound heavy bag, but instead of a nylon full-body covering, it’s a life-like torso made of high-density foam. You’re obviously likely to find several different types of opponents in the ring (or wild), but being able to physically imagine your opponent’s head, arms, and body will help build accuracy, precision, and knockout power. The best thing about it is that it’s adjustable in height from 60 to 78 inches, meaning you can practice at several different levels, for several different situations. There’s also the BOB XL, which is the BOB with the addition of a waist and thighs.


Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

Speedbag work is important for two reasons: The first is that it builds up your punch strength, agility, and accuracy, and the other is that it really works your arms, shoulders, traps, and core. Everlast is one of the most trusted bag companies in the business, so their Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform is perfect for people who want the real deal in their at-home gym. It’s a wall-mount setup, but it’s painlessly simple to install. It includes everything except the mounting hardware and the bag, but any bag will do.



And for those who can’t afford to put holes in the wall, the EZSpeedbag is a door frame-mounted bag that works perfectly. The high quality bag fits in any doorway, which makes it fully portable and ready to go wherever you need it. The only potential drawback is that the backboard is a little tiny at 18 inches, but even then, it’s plenty of room for most bags. Keep in mind that it is a little on the heavier side, so if you think being able to lift it above your head is going to be an issue, you may want to consider something else—or switch it to it’s pull-up bar option and work on them guns a bit, ya string bean!


MaxxMMA Speed Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag

A reflex bag may look like a speedbag, but its purpose is entirely different. Where speedbags are all about building your striking accuracy and upper body strength, a reflex bag is about hand-eye coordination and combat prep. The MaxxMMA Speed Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag is an excellent tool because its patented tension adjustment makes it fit for fighters of all skill levels. Whether you’re focusing on pinpoint accuracy and footwork, or still trying to master a solid bob and weave, it’s an excellent tool to help you hone your striking skills and body movement. Oh, and there are no pesky mounts. Just set it up and start throwing bombs.


Outslayer Boxing MMA 100

Everyone who’s anyone in the boxing world will tell you that heavy bag training is ideal, and a good heavy bag goes a hell of a long way. Stand up bags are great for new fighters, but if you’re really trying to focus on your punch or kick strength, a hanging heavy weight back is where it’s at. The Outslayer Boxing MMA 100 is a 100-pound bag that’s built to take anything you can throw at it. It’s a tough bag to train with because of its bulk and weight, but that’s kind of the whole point. It eliminates the need for chains because it includes heavy-duty straps, and if you’re worried about too much bag sway, the company will stitch a d-ring to the bottom of it, free of charge. Oh, and it includes a 10-year warranty.


Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit

You already know the reputation of Everlast’s incredible punching bag, which is why we decided to include their 70-pound heavy bag kit here, too. The kit includes gloves and hand wraps, as well as the classic black-and-white Everlast bag you know and love. Of course, a 70-pound bag’s main difference is that it simply weighs less than a 100-pound bag, which means it can be moved with a lot less force. Everlast won’t give away the secret to their bags’ filling blends, but we can personally attest to them being some of the best bags in the game. Either way, if you’re a little tinier, or want to work on power and accuracy and foot movement, then a 70 just might be the best move for you.


Nexersys Cross Body Trainer With Double End Bag

Much like the reflex bag above, this Double End Bag by Nexersys is an awesome stand-up unit that’ll help you hone your punching skills, while keeping you agile, building up your footwork, and ensuring a consistent ebb and flow between offense and defense. The best thing about this bag is that it’ll deliver a hell of a full-body workout without making it seem like work at all. You’re training every muscle in your body while honing your hand-eye coordination, defensive skills, and everything else you’ll need to be considered a contender.

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