You’ve blasted through House of Cards, crushed It’s Always Sunny, and laid waste to Breaking Bad. Awesome. Now what? The TV show collection on Netflix is littered with junk, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few gems. Here are 10 great shows on Netflix that you’re probably not watching.



In the pantheon of great shows that were gone too soon, Terriers may have been the greatest and the gone-est. After one season on FX, the buddy cop—er, private investigator—show met its demise. The few that watched were inconsolable; the many that didn’t were unaware of the show’s existence, as it barely popped up On Demand or on streaming services. Now that Netflix has swooped in, that can change. It’s clever, funny and filled with great characters. Put it on and say goodbye to your weekend.



Compared with other Netflix originals, Bloodline arrived with little fanfare. The slow, brooding drama appeared on the scene as quietly as the show begins. We don’t know why. Kyle Chandler, of Friday Night Lights fame, leads the character-driven drama, as it patiently unfolds. If you like dark family stories, and don’t mind a slow build, you’ll enjoy Bloodline.



The little town of Broadchurch is thrust into the spotlight after the murder of a young boy. The two detectives, played brilliantly by David Tennant and Olivia Colman, start to unravel just how strange the case is as they take it on. You can catch season 1 on Netflix now, and hope that they get season 2 up soon.



Luther is that show Netflix keeps recommending but you never end up watching. Well, you should probably listen to your streaming service. Luther, starring Idris Elba, is Sherlock Holmesian in design, but Elba’s character provides some new wrinkles to the clever detective theme.


Halt and Catch Fire

Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad are proof that AMC knows good television—so why wouldn’t you give Halt and Catch Fire a chance? The AMC period piece centers around the rise of the personal computer, as a couple of young hotshots do battle with the big boys (IBM). Admittedly, season 2 is better, but season 1 is available to stream now, and it’s far from shabby.


The Writers' Room

Ever wonder how shows like Game of Thrones come to life? With The Writers Room, you can hear about the miscues, challenges and awkward moments from the writers themselves. And we’re not talking small budget series here, you’ll hear from the men and women behind Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, and many more. It’s not exactly binge-worthy, but it is fascinating.


The Fall

We came across The Fall as we tore through Peaky Blinders. The two are nothing alike, yet The Fall was recommended every time we fired up an episode of Peaky Fuhcking Blinders. We’re glad it was. Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan star in the creepy and sexual suspense-builder that gets our stamp of approval.


Short Poppies

Fans of Flight of the Conchords who have been in search of something—anything—that resembles the old HBO comedy should really check out Short Poppies. Not only does it star one Murray Hewitt, but the humor is deliciously similar.



Okay, so it’s only four episodes long, but Southcliffe is a haunting masterpiece that deserves a spot in your queue. After a mass shooting, a reporter travels back to his childhood hometown to cover it. The focus is the people who inhabit the small town and their roll in the tragedy. Short but powerful.


The Killing

It’s hard to pick whether you should start with The Killing or The Fall first—they have similar themes and are equally impressive. The Killing centers on an investigation into the murder of a teenage girl, who was found in the trunk of a car at the bottom of a lake. It’s dark, creepy, and filled with more suspense than the slow climb of a roller coaster.

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