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The 6 Best Folding Bikes

The 6 Best Folding Bikes

We don’t really need to remind you that city dwellers benefit from a significantly diminished need for automotive transportation. That said, you still need to get around. We cannot think of any other way of navigating city streets that is as efficient and environmentally friendly as the bicycle. While there a plethora of commuter bikes, fixies, etc. to fit anyone’s taste, one problem will always be where to store the sucker. Enter the folding bike, quite possibly the perfect combination of efficiency and ease of ownership. A fold up bike allows for ultra-convenient storage. Here are the 6 best folding bikes to consider. 


Verdict Rickshack Urban Folding Bike

While the team at Verdict is known for stylish bag and phone storage solutions, they have also put their design acumen into a folding commuter bike. With a folding alloy frame, 7 speed Shimano groupset, and disc brakes, the Rickshack is priced at the higher end of the market but we think the styling and build quality makes it more than worth it.


FUBi Fixie

Despite their ease of storage and transport, purists may shy away from the unconventional design of the folding bicycle. Well, until now. Finland-based FUBi has recently completed a Indiegogo campaign to produce their FUBi Fixie, which looks pretty much like any other fixie. Available as a complete bike featuring a tough 4130 cromo frame, flip flop rear hub, and Shimano 105 brakes or as a frameset. Pricing for just the frame is around $285 and the complete bike will run you $535. Delivery is expected late October.


DAHON Mariner D7

Don’t be fooled by its sub $1,000 price tag, the DAHON Mariner 7 is a consistent folding bike award winner. Seamlessly combining lightweight construction and good looks makes for a versatile folding bike that is one of DAHON’s bestsellers. And its $579 price tag means you won’t break your piggy bank getting around in style.



Conceived by British designer Mark Sander, STRiDA has specialized in revolutionizing folding bike design and ease of use. Sander basically threw the folding bike design playbook out the window and instead came up with the wildly popular STRiDA ‘A’ frame. Mating the frame to a belt drive, as opposed to a chain, results in a quiet and nearly maintenance free ride that folds and stashes easily. Finishing the drive train is a 3spd internal gearbox and disc brakes.


Montague Paratrooper

Just one look at the Montague Paratrooper and you know that you can enjoy your favorite trail while retaining the flexibility of a folding bike. With 24 speeds, full suspension, and mechanical disc brakes, owning that trail will be no problem. Plus your friends will secretly think you’re savage AF with that killer Matte Cammy Green finish.


Schwinn 20 inch Loop

You can always rely on Schwinn, a company over 100 years old, to make a decent bike at an affordable price. Fortunately for those looking for a well-made folding bike but not looking to spend their entire paycheck, Schwinn has the solution–in the form of their 20-Inch Loop folding bike. Designed for reliability and good looks, the Loop is a step through with 7 speeds and Shimano components. When the road gets messy, the combination rack and fender will help keep you and your gear clean.

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