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Hit the Trail Right: The Essential Hiking Gear to Make the Most of Your Trek

Some things are needed regardless of the length and difficulty of your hike, others are specific to where you are. This guide covers the basics you'll need either way.

The Gear You Need to be the Fastest Uphill Skier or Snowboarder You Know

Backcountry skiing or split boarding opens up a world of new terrain—if you have the right gear to make it more accessible.

The 5 Best Cocktails To Try if You Enjoy a Proper Negroni

The negroni wasn’t what had brought me to Hong Kong. But on a 2019 story assignment to traverse (via bus) the new trans-bay underwater highway linking the city with Macau and the Chinese mainland, it was the cocktail that fueled my journey. Unbeknownst to me before arrival, it was Negroni…

The One Adventure App You Need For Every Backcountry Trip

Planning an adventure into the mountains requires a niche skillset that includes the ability to accurately research, route, and execute your plan of action safely and efficiently. Experienced expeditioners will tell you that getting to this point takes years of practice–at least, it used to, until the proliferation of the…

An Electric Snow Bike Is the Coolest New Way To Experience the Backcountry

As a lifelong “mountain guy,” I tend to scoff at the mention of “a fresh way to explore the backcountry.” The last thing the outdoor rec industry needs is another motor on the trail systems or a “new” way to snowboard (I like using bindings, thank you very much, and…

The 5 Books Every Soon-to-be Dad Should Read

The responsibilities of fatherhood begin long before your baby is due. Being there for your partner, both physically and emotionally, suddenly takes on new meaning that goes much deeper than late-night food runs and bonus foot massages. The biggest task of all is actually comprehending all of the duties in…

The Lectric XP 3.0 is the Best Class 3 E-Bike For Your Money

The past 40 years of performance innovation have birthed some interesting trends. Among them, version 3.0 – whether that be of a product, an experience, or a person – tends to be the most epic, the one that fans remember for decades to come. Windows 3.0 revolutionized personal computing by…

Worth the Hype: The CERO One Will Make You an Electric Cargo Bike Convert

This is Worth the Hype, where our writers and editors put popular products to the test to see if they are, in fact, worth the hype. I’ve undergone two notable life changes in the past year. First, in late 2021, I became a father. This supercharged my already cascading drive…

6 Life Lessons From Tim Ferriss on How to Prioritize Your Well Being

April 24, 2007, began as an unassuming Tuesday. Across America, adults went to work, kids went to school, political talking heads bickered and, well, did what they do best by blowing a bunch of smoke. Unbeknownst to most, however, a cultural game changer landed on society that day that would…

The Best Fixie Bikes For Commuting and Every Day Cruising

Three major issues plague the modern bike commuter. First, they need a cost-effective way to get to and from work, the gym, and social commitments without having to swap out one mode of transport for another. Second, their bike must be low maintenance and easy to lock up outside of…

5 Foldable Bikes That You Can Take Just About Anywhere

Few people have had as lasting an impact on today’s commuting culture as Englishman William Grout. Born in London in 1839, Grout revolutionized the bicycle by adding high-performance innovations like rubber tires. In 1878, he created a tire that could be removed from the front of the bike so it…

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Electric Bike

Camping. Remote work. Electric bikes. Each of these activities have gotten more popular since 2020. The latter is a triple-whammy, one that moves you around in an efficient manner, gets you in better shape, and – given that many American households now spend $5,000 per year on gas – can…

Everything You Need to Know to Get Into Mountain Biking

The first thing I saw the day I moved into my college dorm room in Colorado was a black and gray Trek Big Sur mountain bike leaning carefully against the frame of my assigned roommate’s bed. Though I never became close with the guy – we lived together only a…