A good knife isn’t just an irreplaceable part of your everyday carry; a good knife is something that stays with you for years, and when you’ve done your time here, it’s something to pass down to your children. Quality knives become heirlooms. When purchasing a knife, you should keep all of this in mind. You aren’t just buying something to keep in your pocket to help you when you’re in a jam. You’re buying something that’s going to last a lifetime—and longer, hopefully. Here are 8 of the best investment pocket knives.

Boker Mother of Pearl

The Boker Scout is a perfect example of how you simply can’t beat tradition. When they first released the Scout series in 1985, the design team at Boker had no idea it would become the most popular knife in their entire lineup, and that people all over the world would come to know and trust these little pocket folders. The Mother of Pearl is made from a single piece of nickel silver, and the hollow ground blade is made from real Ladder Damascus, hand-forged by Chad Nichols himself. The $550 price tag is undoubtedly steep, but this knife is worth its weight in gold. Buy

Buck Knives TOPS/Buck CSAR-T Knife

We’ll never forget the day our father gave us his Buck knife. He’d had it since he was a boy, and it was given to him by his father, who’d had it since his twenties. The TOPS/Buck CSAR-T Knife isn’t just an excellent EDC knife that’ll take whatever you can throw at it, but it’s an heirloom waiting to happen. The 154CM stainless Tanto blade is mated to a Rocky Mountain Treat G-10 handle, which makes it one of the sturdiest and grippiest knives money can buy. If you’re looking for something that’ll last forever without having to spend a real fortune, this pocket folder was made for you. Buy

Cold Steel Knives and Tools Espada  

Cold Steel has built an entire brand around the idea of being ready for anything, any time, anywhere, and every knife they make reflects this sentiment. The Espada is a stunning example. Its curved blade is forged from Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy steel, which holds an edge like no other, and its massive 6.75-inch long handle is made from polished G-10 on a polished aluminum bolster and frame. It’s still a pocket folder, but at an overall length of a little over 12 inches, it’s certainly no slouch. This knife is time-tested and proven tough, and if you shell out the $440 bucks for it, it’s a tool you’ll have for long as you need it. The only issue is, they sell out quickly, so you’ll have to pick one up as soon as they become available. Buy

DPx Gear Hest/F Urban TI

We’re not into gaudy, obnoxious knives. We like things simple. That’s exactly what first attracted us to the Hest/F Urban TI from DPx. It’s a small, lightweight knife, made in the U.S.A from CPM S35V martensitic stainless steel and aerospace grade titanium. The biggest “frill” the knife has is its patented DPx Gear blade notch—which doubles both as a quick open feature and bottle opener… you know, for scientific purposes. It also comes standard with an integrated hex drive, a glass breaker, a tri-gauge wire stripper, and a fully reversible pocket clip for use with both right- and left-handed applications. We’re not saying you’ll never buy another pocketknife… wait, actually, yes we are. Buy

SOG Arcitech – Jigged Bone

If you know anything about knives, you’ve already heard of SOG, and you know that they are responsible for some of the best quality blades on the planet. And of the knives they make, their Arcitech knives are some of the most sought after. The beautiful real jigged bone handles pair perfectly with the titanium bolsters and mirror polished san mai blade, and the super quick action of their patented Arc-Lock system make this knife the perfect combination of function and beauty. And at just 8 inches long wide open, it’s ideal for any EDC. Buy

Victorinox Work Champ XL

Of course, you can’t put together a roundup of quality heirloom pocket knives without including the world standard in pocketknives—Victorinox. Their Work Champ XL is a famous classic, and features 31 functioning tools, including a bottle opener, wire stripper, hoof cleaner, three screwdrivers, a seatbelt cutter, large blade, metal file, and more. It’s really more of a portable toolbox than a common pocketknife, but we digress. This is as classic as classic gets, and it’s a knife you’ll be proud to pass down.   Buy

Zero Tolerance 0850

When it comes to no-frills and high quality, ZT knives are as rugged and raw as they come. Their 0850 flagship is a collaboration between master knifemakers Dmitry Sinkevich and Todd Rexford, based around the original 0850. It uses a CPM 20CV stainless steel blade, a lightweight carbon fiber composite handle, and their patented Sub-Frame Lock hardened steel lockbar insert for precision opening, closing, and smooth-as-butter action whenever you need it. It weighs in at just over 4 ounces, is made right here in the U.S.A., and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. What more could you ask for? Buy

Benchmade TI Monolock Family

Spending 400 bucks on a single knife might be a pretty tough pill to swallow. But, if that money is being spent on a Benchmade, at least you know you’re getting every damn penny’s worth. The TI Monolock is one of Benchmade’s flagship titanium folders, and it’s also the Benchmade we can’t do without. The blade is made from Austrian M390 satin-finished steel, and the handle is made from straight titanium. This is the ultimate EDC knife, and the minute you flick it open for the first time, you’ll know it was money well spent. Buy


Whether you’re talking about their knives, everyday carry gear or collaborative pieces, every single thing that bears The James Brand name is built-to-last, incredibly useful and purposefully designed. While we’re incredibly fond and reliant on all of their options, The Elko–their most minimal pocket knife–is our current favorite. Designed to attach to your keychain / EDC with the included titanium keychain, this small but mighty Swedish 12C27 stainless steel blade with anodized aluminum handles is the perfect tiny blade for all your everyday needs. If your EDC doesn’t include The Elko, you’re missing out, so get yours today.