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FeatherLite, the World’s Lightest EDC Knife

FeatherLite, the World’s Lightest EDC Knife

Get ready to upgrade your EDC game with the FeatherLite, a modern pocket knife that’s redefining the game. Designed for the urban adventurer, this svelte knife combines form and function like no other. Crafted with precision from premium materials, the Featherlite is an ultra-lightweight, ultra-versatile companion for your daily adventures.

With its sleek, minimalist design, this pocket-sized marvel is more than just a knife; it’s a statement piece. The FeatherLite boasts a D2 premium steel razor-sharp blade and a durable yet lightweight premium-grade G10 handle, making it the perfect blend of style and substance. This small but mighty pocket knife clocks in at just 0.9 ounces and can fit in the palm of your hand. Plus, it also incorporates a handy flat screwdriver and pry tool so you can tackle just about any task with ease.

Whether you’re opening packages, braving the great outdoors, or just looking effortlessly cool, the FeatherLite is your go-to tool. The FeatherLite is available to back on Kickstarter now for $39 and is expected to ship in February 2024.

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