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The Best Gerber Pocket Knives and Folding Knives

The Best Gerber Pocket Knives and Folding Knives

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just someone who appreciates well-made pocket knives, you’ve probably heard of Gerber. From its humble beginnings in Portland in 1939, Oregon, Gerber has grown into a global brand trusted by millions. Their commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a reputation for producing reliable and durable pocket knives and folding knives. Gerber has collaborated with renowned designers and experts to create blades that meet the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, military personnel, and everyday users who haven’t yet added a pocket knife to their EDC.

Do Military Personnel Use Gerber Knives?

Gerber knives are highly regarded and widely used by military personnel. With a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality knives, Gerber has become a trusted brand in the military community. Popular choices among service members include the Gerber StrongArm and Gerber LMF II Infantry.

Is Gerber Owned by Bear Grylls?

No, Bear Grylls is not the owner of Gerber. However, Gerber collaborated with Bear Grylls to create a line of survival knives and multi-tools. This collaboration has contributed to the popularity of Gerber Bear Grylls knives among outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists, though it has since been discontinued.

Are Gerber Knives Made With Good Steel?

Gerber knives are crafted with top-notch stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and exceptional cutting performance. The steel used goes through rigorous testing to meet industry standards for strength and corrosion resistance. With a variety of blade materials available, including stainless steel and high-carbon steel, Gerber offers options to suit different needs.

Where are Gerber Knives Made?

Gerber knives are proudly manufactured in the United States, specifically in Portland, Oregon. Skilled craftsmen utilize advanced techniques and state-of-the-art machinery to create high-quality and precision-engineered knives. By making their knives in the USA, Gerber supports local jobs and contributes to the country’s manufacturing industry. When you choose a Gerber knife, you can be confident that you are supporting American craftsmanship and getting a top-notch product.

The Best Gerber Pocket Knives and Gerber Folding Knives

gerber armbar slim drive

Gerber Armbar Slim Drive

The Gerber Armbar Slim Drive is a versatile and compact multi-tool that offers essential functions for everyday carry. This pocket-sized tool is designed with convenience in mind, featuring a folding design that allows for easy storage. With a screwdriver, pry bar, and bottle opener all in one, the Armbar Slim Drive is a handy companion for various tasks. Its lightweight G-10 handle ensures comfort and durability, making it perfect for everyday use. Gerber’s meticulous attention to detail guarantees reliable performance, making the Armbar Slim Drive a must-have for anyone in need of a reliable and practical tool.

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gerber fastball cleaver

Gerber Fastball Cleaver

The Gerber Fastball is a sleek folding knife that offers quick and smooth one-handed opening, thanks to its ball-bearing pivot system. Its 3-inch stainless steel blade ensures precise cutting performance, while the aluminum handle provides a lightweight and ergonomic design. With Gerber’s attention to detail, the Fastball exemplifies reliability and style. As a pocket knife, it is an essential tool for everyday carry and is perfect for various cutting tasks.

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gerber US1

Gerber US1

This compact and lightweight everyday carry folding pockeet knife packs a punch in a small package. With its 2.6-inch stainless steel blade, this pocket-sized powerhouse is perfect for tackling everyday tasks with ease. The US1 boasts a thin profile and a handy pocket clip, making it effortlessly discreet to carry. Its durable nylon handle not only offers a secure grip but also ensures longevity in any situation. Rest assured, Gerber’s commitment to quality shines through in the US1, and it’s ubiquity means you’ll look cool each time you pull it from your pocket.

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gerber doubledown

Gerber Doubledown

When you think of a folding knife, the Gerber Doubledown is likely what comes to mind. This innovative and versatile pocket knife combines two essential tools in a single compact design. This unique knife features a folding blade and a multi-use driver tool, providing you with the convenience of two functionalities in one. The blade is crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and reliability. Additionally, the lightweight aluminum handle offers comfortable and effortless handling. With its compact size, the Gerber Doubledown is perfect for everyday carry, making it a reliable and practical option for various tasks. To further enhance your peace of mind, this knife comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing its quality and performance.

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gerber lockdown

Gerber Lockdown

The Gerber Lockdown is a reliable and versatile pocket knife that features a sturdy frame lock mechanism, ensuring safety and durability. Its 3.3-inch stainless steel blade is highly durable and perfect for everyday use or outdoor activities. The aluminum handle provides a comfortable and textured grip, allowing for precise control. With its convenient pocket clip, the Gerber Lockdown is easy to carry wherever you go. Whether you need a reliable tool for everyday tasks or outdoor adventures, the Gerber Lockdown is an excellent choice. Its practical design and quality construction make it a must-have in anyone’s pocket knife collection.

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gerber flatiron

Gerber Flatiron

The Gerber Flatiron stands out with its sturdy and robust build, featuring a cleaver blade design that’s reminiscent of a smaller version of the knives you see dudes at the beach using to slice up coconuts. The textured handle offers enhanced grip and control, making it easy to handle in various situations. Designed for one-handed operation, the knife utilizes a sturdy frame lock mechanism. Its 3.6-inch stainless steel blade is of exceptional quality, allowing it to tackle tough cutting tasks effortlessly. With its versatile design, the Flatiron is suitable for both outdoor activities and everyday carry.

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gerber principle

Gerber Principle

The Gerber Principle is a versatile folding knife that offers a 3-inch blade accompanied by a textured handle for a secure grip. Crafted from durable 420HC steel, the blade ensures both strength and longevity. This knife features a flipper mechanism, allowing for easy one-handed opening, and a locking mechanism that guarantees safety during use. The Gerber Principle caters to outdoor enthusiasts, making it suitable for camping, hiking, and hunting activities. With its quality construction and affordable price point, it has become a popular choice among knife enthusiasts. Its compact size and reliable performance make it an essential tool for various outdoor adventures.

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gerber sedulo

Gerber Sedulo

Style rarely broadcasts itself better than with the Gerber Sedulo, a compact folding knife that’s perfect for dress-down days as well as days that demand a higher level of functionality. With its sleek design and durable stainless steel blade featuring a partially serrated edge, this knife is ready to take on a variety of cutting tasks. The handle of the Gerber Sedulo is made from anodized aluminum, providing a comfortable grip while in use. It also comes with a sturdy pocket clip for easy and secure storage. Whether you need a versatile tool for outdoor adventures or simply want a reliable everyday companion, the Gerber Sedulo won’t disappoint. It’s time to experience the convenience and functionality of this remarkable knife.

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