Everyone knows the best pair of cheap men’s jeans comes from Levi’s, but there are plenty of other cheap jeans in the sub $100 space that are worth considering. Whether you’re interested in selvedge or raw, straight or skinny, navy or black, or just a new pair of beaters you don’t have to worry about getting dirty, there are great cheap jeans for men out there. Many of those options come from brands you might have never heard of. Here are the 8 best jeans under $100 that aren’t Levis.


Uniqlo Miracle Air Regular Fit Tapered Jeans

Affordable fashion house Uniqlo’s latest release in the denim department revolves around their new Miracle Air technology, which is denim woven with hollow fibers to create a softer, more comfortable pair of jeans. Combined with the other lighter materials used in the construction, these jeans are 20% lighter than other pairs. We like the Miracle Air Regular Fit Tapered Jeans because they combine a little bit of stretch with a regular fit in the waist and a tapered leg that’s easy to cuff or roll. $40


Cheap Monday Sonic Unwashed Jeans

In the roughly decade and a half since Cheap Monday opened up shop they’ve put their iconic skull logo on everything from bags and rings to jackets and crewnecks, but it all started with a desire to produce cheap jeans that could still compete with the very expensive options they saw in stores in Stockholm. Cheap Monday Sonic Unwashed Jeans are medium waist, slim fit jeans with a comfort stretch and an unwashed dark blue finish. They’re simple, classic and good-looking jeans with a price tag that won’t break the bank. $60


Combatant Gentlemen Grey Slim Straight Selvedge Denim

Combatant Gentlemen is a newer California-based startup founded by a small group of guys who wanted men to have alternatives to the suiting options at large big box stores. They expanded into denim, and the Combatant Gentlemen Grey Slim Straight Selvedge Denim is a perfect example of their great jeans. Raw selvedge denim sourced from a Japanese mill that’s cut, sewn and finished by hand with details like blank copper hardware, vintage twill pocket bags and a selvedge tip on the coin pocket make these jeans perfect for the home, office or a night out. $70


DSTLD Slim 12.75oz Raw Denim Jeans

Two guys with a combined background in everything from photography and design to luxury hospitality and e-commerce built a premium denim shop with a focus on social responsibility, ethical pricing and eco-friendly fabrics. They called it DSTLD, and they make some of the best affordable denim out there. Their Slim 12.75oz Raw Denim Jeans set themselves apart from the competition with an exhaustive 24-dip dye process in real natural indigo that creates a super rich color that will evolve as you wear them over time. $75


The Unbranded Brand UB204 Tapered Fit Black Selvedge

Created by the founder of Naked & Famous Denim as a more accessible option for guys looking to get into raw selvedge denim, The Unbranded Brand makes a seriously great pair of jeans for not a lot of money. These UB204 Tapered Fit Black Selvedge jeans are made with sanforized 14.5 Japanese rope dyed black selvedge raw denim and finished with a button fly, hidden rivets, Unbranded leather patch and chain stitched hems. Whether you’re looking for your first pair of selvedge or adding a black pair to your wardrobe, you won’t find a better cheap pair of jeans. $82


Brave Star Selvage The True Straight 13.5oz Indigo x Brown Selvedge

Los Angeles-based Brave Star Selvage perfectly combines Made in the USA construction and Japanese style techniques (overdyed brown weft yarn and saturated indigo dyed warp yarn) in The True Straight 13.5oz Indigo x Brown Selvedge to create a pair of jeans that are familiar while being totally different. Made with 13.5oz Cone Mills denim and decked out with details like selvage on the coin pocket, double prong donut button fly and red orange top stitching, this is one helluva pair of jeans. $89


Gustin #7 The Regular Jeans

By crowdsourcing production for each and every production run of their products, Gustin insures there’s no waste in their process, which means they can create $200+ pairs of jeans and sell them to you for less than $100. #7 The Regular Jeans are made with the first American selvedge denim Gustin ever used (Cone Mills) and are also the first slim fit sample they ever created. The combination of those two things led founder Josh Gustin to wear a sample pair of these same jeans almost exclusively for three years. They’ll look just as good on you as they do on him. $91


Flint & Tinder Slim Tapered All-American Jeans

12oz. North Carolina White Oak Cone Denim woven with 1% stretch for comfort and flexibility. Antique metal buttons and a chain-stitched hem. Cut, sewn and finished in San Francisco. Features and construction like that shouldn’t result in a pair of denim that costs $98, but Flint & Tinder managed to do it with their Slim Tapered All-American Jeans. The American-made denim jeans are perfect for everything from the everyday to your next adventure and are built to last regardless of what you put them through. $98

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