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10 Movie Bars We’d Like to Have a Drink At

10 Movie Bars We’d Like to Have a Drink At

Despite the fact that they’re usually the backdrop for some epic fight scene, a few of the bars depicted in movies are pretty sweet watering holes. Some of them happen to exist in real life, but quite a few are works of boozy fiction. These are the 10 we’d love to grab a drink at.


Korova Milk Bar (A Clockwork Orange)

Forget beer, cocktails, and shots, the Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange serves up something a bit different: Drug milk. As long as you’re prepared to trip your head off while placing your drug-laced milk down on a mannequin table, you should be in for quite a ride.


New York Bar (Lost in Translation)

Atop the Park Hyatt Tokyo, you can find the bar where Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson shared a few drinks in Lost in Translation. From the scenes in the movie, you can tell the view alone is worth the long elevator ride up. The hazy lights of the city make for the perfect backdrop to a nightcap. Head on over and make it Suntory time.


The Gold Room (The Shining)

Lloyd might not be pouring your Jack, but The Gold Room is still the kind of swanky joint we’d love to frequent. Bartenders in red tuxedos, a spacious interior, and comfy couches to crash with your booze and relax. It’s a nice break from the cramped dive bars we often grab a pint in.


Saloon in Crystal River (Maverick)

Playing a few hands of poker while drinking cold beer sounds like a good night to us. Forget doing this below neon lights with the sounds of slot machines whirling in the background, just pull up a chair at the saloon featured in the 1994 movie, Maverick. Hitch up your DD (your horse) and saddle up to a table to try your hand at winning some coin. The ragtime-esque piano playing in the background (until a fight starts) would just add to the experience.


Mos Eisley Cantina (Star Wars)

You go to the Mos Eisley Cantina for the smokey cool vibe and the ridiculously catchy live music. We have no idea what their craft beer list looks like, but we’re sure there are some wild drinks being served up. As with a lot of movie bars, the atmosphere can get hostile at times, so make sure to bring a few friends (or one Jedi master). Just make sure you leave your droids outside because, unlike killing someone, they’re a no-no.


Jack Rabbit Slim’s (Pulp Fiction)

Allow us to stretch the definition of “bar” for just a second here. Jack Rabbit Slim’s is really a bar/restaurant, but we’re letting it slide because we really want to grab a drink there and watch the epic dancing. Old tracks on the jukebox, some bloody burgers to go with those beers, and kitschy old decor sounds like an interesting night out. Would our drink be a $5 shake? Not unless they’re putting bourbon in it.


The Titty Twister (From Dusk Til Dawn)

You can’t miss The Titty Twister, what with its giant neon sign and flame-shooting entrance, but the outside is only a very, very small part of why we’d stop in for a drink. For a better idea of its appeal, just check the sign that states, “Hot Carnitas and Chicas.” By the way, “hot” is an understatement (at least when it comes to the women, we can’t vouch for the temperature of the pork). The Titty Twister combines the intimate feel of a dive bar with a sort of grand spectacle and beautiful women in their underwear dancing with snakes.


The Basement Tavern (Inglourious Basterds)

We know, we know, a Nazi watering hole doesn’t sound exactly like a dream spot for a bit of Scotch, but the underground tavern in Inglourious Basterds has its appeal. Remove the Nazis and the spot could be our go-to joint. A liter of beer and some good whiskey in the tiny tavern would make for a seriously solid happy hour. It’s got charm… and Nazis… but definitely charm.


The Bamboo Lounge (Goodfellas)

Another bar/restaurant we’d love to grab a drink at and just people watch for the night. The Bamboo Lounge is the perfect spot for some good food, bottles you can grab and pour yourself (assuming you know a guy who knows a guy), and interesting clientele.


The Ink and Paint Club (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

We dig the whole speakeasy vibe with the password to get in and all, but the real draw here is the entertainment. Lively music, penguin waiters, and tons of toons. The place seems to always be hopping and you never know who you might run into. Just make sure you specify that you want ice and not actual rocks in your drink.

These are our picks. Where would you want to grab a drink?