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7 Airbnbs Perfect for Catching the Northern Lights

7 Airbnbs Perfect for Catching the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the most magical, picturesque and mind-blowing natural experiences you’ll ever encounter. Seeing the lights in person should absolutely be at the top of your adventure bucket list, so we decided to compile a list of great Airbnb rentals you can use to take them in. After all, if you’re going to be catching the Aurora Borealis in all its glory, you might as well be doing it from the comfort of a great Airbnb, right? These are our favorites, the Airbnbs perfect for catching the Northern Lights.

Farmstead Cabin

Akureyri, Iceland

Situated in Akureyri, Iceland, this is a perfect location for up to 8 guests looking to experience the Northern Lights in style. This particular spot is described by the five-star host as “Northern Lights, Sunny, Peaceful,” and it delivers on every one of those claims with easy access to the “capital of the north” in Iceland and picturesque views of everything from the Midnight Sun to the Northern Lights depending on the time of year. Link

Dome House

 Árskógssandur, Iceland

The Airbnb listing describes this space as “Northern Lights Glamping,” and despite the fact that we hate that term, we couldn’t agree more. Available through Superhost Tristan in the Árskógssandur area of Northern Iceland, this wooden igloo boasts 360-degree views of the sky perfect for both the Northern Lights and the midnight sun—without having to leave the comfort of your luxurious Icelandic bed. There might not be a shower on-site, but you’ll quickly forget about that because you’ll have easy access to the Kaldi beer spa (bachelor party destination, anyone?), whale watching, BBQ facilities and hot tub. Link

Countryside Rustic House


Tromsø, Norway

Want a five-star resort experience on your Northern Lights trip? Look no further than “The house of Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun” in Tromsø, Norway. Ocean spa, with woodfired sauna (seats 5) and saltwater hot-tub (seats 6-8). Big outdoor deck with fireplace and BBQ kitchen. There’s even a separate heated room outside the sauna for “chilling out and enjoying the sea and nature.” Two boats (17′ 60hp or 12′ rowboat) available for rent. Recreation options that run the gamut from ping pong and bicycles, to trampoline and sleds/toboggans. There’s even the option for guided mountain hikes during the summer and snowshoe hikes with ice-fishing during the winter. What more could you ask for? Link

Cozy Family Cabin


Kjósarhreppur, Iceland

Thirty-five minutes away from Reykjavik by the lake Medafellsvatn is where you’ll find this cozy family cabin in Kjósarhreppur, Iceland. You’ll get panoramic views of the lake and the mountains all year round. You’ll get a cozy family cabin with all the necessities like a hot tub, separate guesthouse, BBQ grill and multiple beds/accommodations for up to 10 people. Jara is consistently ranked as a superhost because of the sparkling clean facilities and overall experience, so it’s easy to see why this $142/night rental is better than even some of the Airbnb Castle options out there. Link

Oma and Opa’s Cabin


Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

If you want to gaze upon the splendor that is the Northern Lights without having to leave the comfort of North America, look no further than Oma and Opa’s Cabin in Whitehorse, the capital and only city in northwest Canada’s Yukon territory. This newly built cabin might not have running water, but it does have plenty of sleeping room, a cooking area, wireless Internet and views of the surrounding wilderness that will absolutely make you forget that the nearest shower is almost 5 miles away. If you’re looking to relax and get away from the world—without being completely untethered—this cabin is the perfect off-the-grid Airbnb rentalLink

Icelandic Summer House


Laugarvatn, Iceland

Next to seeing the Northern Lights and perhaps sampling some Hákarl (aka fermented shark), there are few more more exciting things in Iceland than spending time in and around the Golden Circle. Whether you’re interested in the Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area, or the Gullfoss waterfall, this unique summer house located in the middle of the famous Golden Circle route gives you access to all of those things—along with the Northern Lights. From the stargazing through the glass roof to the outdoor hot tub, this private and secluded estate has everything you want while still being close enough to all the tourist attractions for you to take everything in. Link

Cozy Cottage in the Woods

Kiruna, Sweden

Just over 6 miles from the world famous Icehotel and 9 miles from central Kiruna, this small and cozy cottage in the woods is a great place to visit when you want to get really off-the-grid. If you’re willing to sacrifice running water, showers and Wi-Fi connectivity, this unique cabin is great for catching the midnight sun in the summer and the northern lights in the winter. In addition to the great views and the outdoor surroundings, there’s a sauna that can be rented, plenty of outdoor activities and the Icehotel is a quick mile walk over the ice in the winter.Link