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9 Things Every Father Should Pass Down To His Son

9 Things Every Father Should Pass Down To His Son

You might not have a son yet, but there’s a decent chance you will some day. Along with the life lessons and skills you’ll want to teach him, there are certain material things that you should have to pass down to him. Some of these you may already have and cherish yourself, others you might want to consider purchasing soon. Each will leave a lasting impression on your kin.


A Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is an American staple for a young man. Hell, even George Washington had one as a boy and you’ll find references throughout Mark Twain’s work of youngsters carving with one. Chances are, you had one too even if you weren’t a scout. If you don’t already have one to pass down, consider buying one that will hold up to the test of time since there are some that can break far too easily. Give it to him and teach him how to whittle when you go camping. Photo Source


A Journal

There’s a famous quote from the scientist David Eagleman, “There are three deaths. The first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave. The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when your name is spoken for the last time.” Is passing on a bit of your legacy selfish? Maybe a touch, but it’s a great way for your son and his son and his son’s son to remember you. Jot down some notes on a year of your life. Heck, jot down a month’s worth. Just give your son a little handwritten record of you. Photo Source


A Nice Watch

There’s a reason James Bond is rarely spotted without one. The right watch is sophisticated and pulling a phone out of your pocket to check the time doesn’t exactly scream “gentleman.” Since that’s a trait you’d probably like to pass on to your young man, a nice watch is a good little start. If you only wear cheap ones or none at all, consider shelling out the cash for something Bond-worthy. Even if he doesn’t wear it much, there’s not doubt he’ll keep it and think of you. Photo Source


A Family Recipe

Nothing brings people together like food. While being able to cook something out of a cookbook is fine and all, a family recipe has a personal story to it. Any time your son ends up cooking it in the future that story will be passed on. The great food writer, John Thorne, put it perfectly, “Recipes without the author, without the cuisine to which they were once a living, seamless part, die.” If you don’t have a family recipe, get in the kitchen and start experimenting. Photo Source


A Pen

There’s a certain intimacy in writing by hand, and even if technology is replacing its need at a rapid rate, that patience is something to pass on to your son. Consider something heirloom worthy like a Montblanc or a Visconti if you don’t already have that pen that’s on display on your desk. Photo Source


A Baseball Glove

Want to make a man tear up like someone was chopping onions five inches from his face? Put on “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin. The song, which is really a lesson for all fathers, will remind you to clear up some time for a few games of catch. A glove would be a good start especially the one you already broke in playing in Little League. Photo Source


A Starter Tool Set

Toss a couple of your screwdrivers, a hammer, and your other basic tools into a tool box to pass on to your son. Along with some lessons as he grows up, it will teach him the importance of being self-sufficient. No matter how much things change, your basic tools will always be of use. Photo Source


Your Favorite Bottle of Booze

You probably won’t get to share your son’s first drink with him, but you can share his first good drink. Grab a bottle of whatever quality stuff you love and share a drink with him on a special occasions. Photo Source


A Bottle Opener

Yeah it’s a little bit of a curveball, but it’s also something that’s affordable and useful. While other items on the list might be stored away in a drawer most of the time, passing on a neat looking bottle opener that you used yourself is something he’ll put to use. Every time he cracks a cold one, he’ll remember you doing the same. Photo Source

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