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9 Modern Card Games That Don’t Suck

9 Modern Card Games That Don’t Suck

Your days of playing Go Fish are probably long gone, but that doesn’t mean breaking out a card game during your next night of shared beers is a bad idea. Here are nine we recommend keeping in your closet to have ready when you don’t feel like watching something on TV.


In f**ktionary, you compete against other players to come up with the most lewd answer you can to a question presented to you. Think of it as a blend of Urban Dictionary and Balderdash. If your game night isn’t leaving you feeling dirty enough already, you should pick this one up. Link


You know those hilarious names for sex acts you’d never actually try? This is a game based, in part, on coming up with your own. And it’s awesome. Select two word cards and combine them into one phrase, then obscenely define that phrase for your chance to win. Link

Cards Against Humanity

You’re probably already familiar with this devilish version of Apples to Apples. If not, you should be. The card game has a cult-like following for its ability to make mild-mannered guests turn a bright shade of red. Each player completes a fill-in-the-blank statement or answers a question with a card from their hand that no doubt has something quasi-awful on it. Link


The folks behind Munchkin have built quite an empire. The enormously successful strategy card game is on expansion pack number 6,000 or something at this point. If you’re looking for something far more involved than a quick and easy game, Munchkin is it. Once you get into steeds and dungeons, you’ll know you’re addicted. Link


This is a classic game that Mathew Sisson put an elegant spin on by crafting a series of minimally designed cards that can be stored in a handcrafted wool felt pouch. The game is best enjoyed with a large group of people who have no problem lying and deceiving as players try to figure out who the lying werewolf is. Link


Whereas with most games the goal is to improve your player and make things better for them, in Gloom you’re doing the opposite. You’re trying to make your characters suffer as much as possible before they die. If you have a weird obsession with The Addams Family, this is the card game for you. Link


You play one of a few rival guillotine operators during the French Revolution with the goal of collecting the most prized heads. The idea is so wildly original and bizarrely lighthearted, it’s hard not to fall in love with the game. Link

Deck Around

In a similar vein to Mobscenity and f**ktionary where players concoct morally-questionable definitions, Deck Around puts a nice little twist on the idea. Players try to come up with the most legit sounding urban dictionary definitions to trick others into thinking they’re real. You should probably just pick up all three to keep things fresh. Link


Clusterfuck is from the makers of Cards Against Humanity, so right off the bat you know you’re in for some devilish fun. You and all the players are at an imaginary sex party (you could make it real if you’d like) and you’re trying to set up some action and hopefully have a threesome. Plus, just like CAH, you can download and print everything you need for free. Link

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