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8 YouTube Accounts That Will Teach You How to Fight

8 YouTube Accounts That Will Teach You How to Fight

If you plan on watching a few YouTube videos and running your mouth like Conor McGregor, don’t expect to be able to back it up like him. Unless you invest in some [good] training, you won’t exactly be floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. That said, taking in some pro advice in video format can still help. Here are 8 YouTube accounts that will teach you how to fight.


When we say “Fightland,” we really mean Jack Slack’s videos. While all of Fightland is great, it’s Jack Slack, an English writer and combat sports analyst, and his “Ringcraft” series that dispenses knowledge by the bucketful. Jack Slack, which is the author’s pen name, takes a UFC fight, boxing match, or other event and tears it down into teachable parts. He’s a master at it. How important is your stance when you’re fighting? Allow Jack Slack to show you by highlighting specific clips from Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva, images of old pugilists, and a variety of Tyson moves. Link

Tristar Gym

Firas Zahabi is a little like Jack Slack, an MMA genius who explains concepts and moves brilliantly and eloquently. The coach at Tristar Gym, the Canadian spot the likes of Georges St-Pierre, Rory MacDonald, and Kenny Florian have trained at, runs a YouTube account under the gym’s name. Not all the techniques will be applicable—probably not too worried about defending against a kimura yet—but Zahabi has a way of explaining so that you’ll pull interesting nuggets from each video. For starters, try something like his recent video on fighting someone bigger and taller than you. Link

Fight Smart

You may be familiar with Fight Smart from a video that made the rounds a while back, in which Trav, the guy who runs the channel, allowed random people to attempt to punch him in the face while all he could do was move his head and bob and weave. Clearly, as it went kinda viral, he came away without a scratch. Fight Smart is his series of videos that not only delve into head movement, slipping, and evasion, but introduce basic ideas like controlling your fear when it’s time to fight. Link

JT Van V

If striking and boxing instruction are what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. Jason Van Veldhuysen will teach you everything from fundamental footwork to how to get more power behind your shots. He’ll provide you with drills you can work on with little more than a mirror. Feel like you’re moving like Mayweather? Try out some of his clever heavy bag drills that will turn your hooks into lethal weapons. Link

Bas Rutten

When it comes to finding useful tidbits in Bas Rutten’s YouTube channel, you’re going to have to dig. Hold off on the highlights from his MMA career and the video in which he explains the meanings of his tattoos, and settle on things like “Why You Turn in Your Hips” and “Bas Answers Fan’s Street Fighting Question.” There’s a lot of goofiness to sift through, but there’s also a lot of gold. Link

BJJ Scout

Don’t be turned off by the name, BJJ Scout is not just Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Yes, there are videos of BJJ matches, but what you’re probably looking for are the post-fight studies of MMA fights and studies of individual fighters. How can you develop footwork like Dominick Cruz? BJJ Scout has the answer. And if grappling is what you’re interested in, BJJ Scout will keep you busy studying the best of the best. Link


Shane Fazen brings basic techniques to the masses with fightTIPS, his enormously successful YouTube channel. To satisfy his 600k+ subscribers, Fazen constantly puts out new content, including videos on stealing your favorite fighter’s three signature moves, basic self-defense ideas, and a plethora of clever other clips. Link

Stephan Kesting

With a strong emphasis on grappling and jiu-jitsu, Stephan Kesting’s Grapple Arts channel delves into the intricacies of different chokes and locks. Too much for you? There’s plenty of videos like “The Two Worst Martial Arts Techniques Ever!” and “How to Defeat the Smaller Opponent.” Of course, if BJJ is what you want to learn, Kesting’s channel is one of the best places to start. Link