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Rhone Makes Elevated Activewear for Men

Rhone Makes Elevated Activewear for Men

Fellas, we’ve been left behind in the activewear game for too long. For years, activewear for men simple meant loose-fitting clothing that’s so unattractive you won’t mind sweat stains and rips and tears at the seams. Rhone has set out to change that.

Rhone is the collective vision of a small group of weekday warriors. They leverage advanced materials and technology to craft activewear that moves with you, stands up to frequent gym sessions and morning runs, and looks good throughout it all. That means you can break a sweat without looking like you’re couching it on a lazy Sunday. Plus, since they refuse to sacrifice performance for profit, you’re getting next-level activewear without making your wallet feel like it just ran a 10K.

Here’s a quick dive into some of their pieces:

Elements Shirt

Element Tee

This is so much more than the average t-shirt it isn’t even funny. Made from super soft Pima cotton and SilverTech threads, the Element Tee feels like you’re wearing a cloud—a cloud that happens to boast anti-odor properties. Less stink is always better. And like all Rhone gear, the Element Tee is cut to look good even when you’re not working out. $54

Commuter Pant

Commuter Pant

For the guy who pedals his way to the office, jogs city streets to catch the 7:54 a.m., or who’s constantly on the move, Rhone has built the pants you’ll want to live in. The Commuter Pant is made from luxury Japanese stretch fabric so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing cardboard as you move around. Not only are they insanely comfortable, but they’re decked out with clever details. You’ll find a security zip back pocket, a crotch gusset for comfort during long meetings, and increased stretch around the knees, the area you need it most. The result is a pair of pants that feel anything like the work pants you’re used to. $129

Sequoia Air 1/4 Zip

Hitting the links? How about a trail? Regardless of your outdoor athletic pursuit, you’ll be glad you’re wearing Rhone’s Sequoia Air, a 1/4 zip pullover made from Delta fabric infused with GoldFusion technology. Now, you probably don’t know what that means or why it matters. Simply put, the Sequoia Air wicks away moisture, fights odor, and protects you from the sun, which are three things we appreciate when we’re away from the comforts of an air conditioner. $98

Phase 8″ Lined Short

It’s time to bid farewell to those baggy basketball shorts you’ve been wearing since UCLA won the tourney back in the ’90s. Your upgrade? The Phase 8″ Lined Short. Water resistant stretch material criss-crosses with power mesh ventilation panels to bring you the most comfortable shorts you’ll ever put on. They fight odor, wick away sweat, and dry quickly. They’re also outfitted with two side pockets, an internal media pocket for your phone, and a zippered back pocket. Whether you’re hitting the trail, pushing around some weights, or going for a jog on a hot summer morning, the Phase Short is built for whatever comes next. $68

With a commitment to quality, developing the perfect fit, and an ever-evolving collection of bold colors, Rhone is ready to revamp your activewear collection. Adding a piece of Rhone gear to your arsenal is a move we wholly endorse, as their shorts, tops, and pants are comfortable enough to live in and they are cleverly designed to perform when you need them most. It’s time to retire that stained gray hoodie and those excessively baggy basketball shorts and upgrade your activewear game with Rhone.

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