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Farer’s Cushion Case Collection is a Thing of Beauty

Farer’s Cushion Case Collection is a Thing of Beauty

British-designed, Swiss-made company Farer just released their Cushion Case collection and it’s an elegant and simple design that’s ideal for just about any watch wearer. While still within the design lexicon of the Farer brand, this collection is uniquely its own. What’s most notable is the subtle, yet still vibrant, colorways that encapsulate the modern appeal of Farer. The colors are: Durham (a salmon-copper treatment gives it a bold pink face); Lethbridge (a more subtle blue and silver option); and my favorite the Mansfield (featuring a tea green case and a corresponding green strap). Most interesting of all, the names of these watches are inspired by female explorers who have made their mark on Britain’s exploratory history: Mary Edith Durham, Charlotte Mansfield, and Grace Marguerite, Lady Hay Drummond-Hay, respectively.

All watches have a 38.5mm case diameter and are a manual watch movement, giving this watch an old-fashioned charm against a quite contemporary setting. Each model will release 100 pieces and ship mid-October.

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