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Casio G-SHOCK GSTB400X-1A4

Casio G-SHOCK GSTB400X-1A4

There are so many G-SHOCK models, it’s impossible to keep them all straight. Most models are also not really for the small of wrist. The brand new GSTB400X-1A4 ranks at the top of the massive heap because it’s the thinnest in the popular G-STEEL series. The pushers have also been reduced in size, and the GSTB400X-1A4 comes in at 12.9mm thick as a result of the changes. But it’s still as tough as nails with a Carbon Core Guard structure, excellent impact resistance, shatter-resistant mineral glass, and a resilient resin strap. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and solar power with reduced consumption that will last 7 months between charges.

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