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Situated in the northwest corner of the 107,000-acre Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in western Belixe’s Cayo District, Blancaneaux Lodge is a luxury hideaway hotel in Belize that’s part of The Family Coppola resorts. As the story goes, one of the best directors of all time–aka Francis Ford Coppola–visited the resort in the ’80s, fell in love, bought it, enjoyed it with his family, and ultimately opened it to the public in the early ’90s. The Blancaneaux Lodge joined an ever-growing list of properties the family owns–like Sofia’s Beach House at Turtle Inn Resort also in Belize–to further expand their continent of properties focused on “cinema, wine, food, hideaways & adventure,” all in the lap of luxury. What kind of amenities can you expect if you stay at the Blancaneaux Lodge? The astoundingly gorgeous surroundings of the the jungles of Belize. Waterfalls, turquoise pools, spas, horse stables, organic gardens, cabanas, native arts, candlelit Italian dinners, Guatemalan cooking, Mayan adventures, meditation, retreats and anything else you could possibly want from a luxury resort.

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