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We’ve seen theaters with bars inside. We’ve seen theaters with fancy furniture and fixtures. We’ve even seen theaters so exquisitely designed the film itself takes a backseat to the decor. Berlin’s new Delphi LUX cinema combines all those aspects in such a way that it’s a work of art unto itself. Designed and built by Batek Architekten and Ester Bruzkus Architeckten, Delphi LUX includes seven different auditoriums with unique features, two bars and an extensive foyer that creates an almost unparalleled movie-watching experience for each of the 600 seats inside. Whether you’re watching one of the best films of the last decade in the dramatic “theater red” space or catching a new blockbuster in the Tron-esque blue auditorium, the experience is unlike anything you’ll get from your average theater. The Delphi LUX cinema is right across the street from the Berlin Zoo and near the Tiergarten, so plan for the whole day the next time you’re in town.

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