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The Hackable GIF Camera With Endless Possibilities

The Hackable GIF Camera With Endless Possibilities

Meet OTTO, the only camera that makes animated GIFs. This customizable, and very hackable, camera is powered by Raspberry Pi, which means the possibilities for what you can do with it are only limited by your imagination and programming knowledge, or aftermarket parts available. Here’s how it works out of the box. Link OTTO to your smartphone, launch the app and select a mode. Pop up the crank on OTTO, crank it and then rewind. Check your phone for the finished product because OTTO automatically syncs over wifi with the app. Share your creation. You can also pick up a FlashyFlash with the Kickstarter project, which is their Arduino-powered, shoe-mountable flash. OTTO is like a Lego Technic set you can use to record moments. You can follow the instructions. Or you can throw them out and make it what you want.

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