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9 Best Apple Watch Stands

9 Best Apple Watch Stands
The Best Stands For Your Apple Watch

The Best Stands For Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is probably going to arrive soon, if it hasn’t already. In your rush to purchase your new device, did you consider where you’re going to keep it when it’s not on your wrist? It deserves better than being tossed haphazardly on your nightstand. Here are some of our favorite Apple Watch stands worth considering.

SchuttenWorks The WAVE Charging Stand

There are going to be a lot of charging stand options. A lot. Unlike many that look like they were produced in the back of some two-bit electronics warehouse, The WAVE beautifully introduces some wooden craftsmanship into the mix. Crafted out of Curly Maple or Oregon Walnut, the stand is composed of two halves that cleverly hide the power cord that runs to it. A simple and smart docking station that’s hand-sanded and hand-polished in Oregon. $60

Native Union DOCK for Apple Watch

Native Union has introduced a bit of fun into many utilitarian objects—phone handsets, speakers, and more—and now they’re doing the same for Apple Watch storage. Their DOCK combines aircraft grade aluminum and matte graphite silicone to make for a sleek way to display your investment. You can adjust the angle so the face is readable at all times, and the unit works both horizontally and vertically. Ships in August. $50

NuDock Power Station Lamp

An Apple Watch dock is a new accessory you’ll have to add to your home; a desk lamp is not. The NuDock Power Station Lamp eliminates the need to add something new to your already cluttered room, and simply lets your desk lamp become your charging station. With the ability to charge your watch, your iPhone, a portable battery, and light your workspace, it’s got a lot covered. It also boasts a touch sensor control, sleep mode, and a sleek design. $149

Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand

Since you won’t always be charging your Apple Watch at home, it would help to have a stand that goes with you. That’s just what Pad & Quill has done here with the Luxury Pocket Stand. The wooden stand—American Maple or African Mahogany—folds into a pocket-friendly block when you’re on the move. Each is handmade in Minneapolis from a single piece of hardwood. $70

Griffin WatchStand

Your Apple Watch is worth displaying, and few stands do it like Griffin’s WatchStand. The tall stand makes your charging timepiece a focal point in your room. And with the lip on the base, you can even store your iPhone on the stand, as well. Excess cable can be stored in the cleverly designed body to keep it from hanging. $30

Rest Composure Collection

The Composure Collection from Rest is like a piece-together valet for your gear. Designed and made in the USA, the collection of pieces—a Watch Dock is obviously included—magnetically connect to form a beautiful walnut and cork store-all. Not only can you pick up the slim Watch Dock, but you can pair it with a piece for your phone, keys, loose change, and other everyday carry items. $68

The Night Stand

When you’re sitting at the computer, you really don’t need your Apple Watch, you could pull out your phone or check things on the computer your working on. So it makes sense that that would be a good time to charge your Apple Watch. With The Night Stand from Elevation Lab, you can do just that. The clever holster comes with a 3M adhesive back to allow you to slap it on the side of your desk or desktop. Made from medical-grade silicone, The Night Stand is simple and durable. $30

Zurske WAVE Smart Edition

Not to be confused with the model from SchuttenWorks listed above, the WAVE from Zurske is a futuristic-looking stand constructed out of aluminum. With three cord storage options and the ability to hold clasped or unclasped Apple Watches, the WAVE Smart Edition keeps aesthetics at a premium. Whether you’re willing to spend $119 on a dock is up to you. $119

Nomad Stand for Apple Watch

NomadPlus phone charger, has an Apple Watch stand that’s minimally beautiful. With the sleek look of a modern piece of art, the stand from Nomad allows your watch to steal attention even when it’s not on your wrist. Crafted from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum, the stand allows the cable to snake inside it to keep up appearances. $60