The PURE Sensia WiFi and DAB Radio embodies futuristic design both in form and function. After all when you think of the future in technology you think round, sleek and touchscreens… and maybe flying cars but we digress. PURE Sensia isn’t just a great radio; it lets you connect with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Picasa. Now you don’t even have to be sitting at your monitor to connect to your music, pictures and get updates from your friends. It’s no flying car but it sounds even better than the future we imagined.


If you spent the past years like us, you used your gym money to upgrade your home workout setup. The one thing we didn’t add until recently was a dedicated cardio machine like this Horizon Studio Treadmill. This powerful, durable and innovative piece of equipment is built with all the latest and greatest in performance coaching, app-integration and HIIT training options, so you only have to focus on your workout. With special 0% financing options for qualified customers, there’s never been a better time to put a Horizon Studio Treadmill in your home. Get yours today.