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Moshi Moshi Bluetooth Dock and Phone

Moshi Moshi Bluetooth Dock and Phone

Leave it to the French to use something we take for granted and redesign it. Rudolf Diesel designed – you guessed it – the diesel engine. A great accomplishment, but nothing compared to the work of Jacques Heim and Louis Reard who invented the bikini. Unfortunately, as of today, neither one of these fantastic inventions answers calls, responds to emails or sexts. French designer David Turpin is doing to iPhone docks what Heim and Reard did for men at the beach the world over – made it sexy. The Moshi Moshi is a bluetooth dock and phone handset available in black and white. Since it’s Bluetooth 2.1, you can pair it to two devices. So if you’ve got a laptop for Skyping, a land line or any other bluetooth device you can pair it to that and your iPhone. Because nothing says goodbye like physically hanging up a handset.

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