Brave firefighters risks life and limb every day. Milrem Robotics and InnoVfoam want to mitigate some of that risk with their foam-shooting firefighting robots. The army of emergency response bots are based on Milrem’s Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Multiscope Rescue robot and combines InnoVfoam’s firefighting monitors and foam proportioners. Not only would it augment or replace human firefighting teams, it would allow for the extinguishing of fires normally unapproachable due to chemicals or other hazards. The robots would be remote controlled (rather than rely on AI), and the use of thermal imaging, infrared, and video cameras would allow for excellent visibility. They could also carry up to 2,600 pounds of equipment such as firehoses, chemical and gas sensors, as well as drones for an aerial view of the situation. They also have the ability to dispense up to 4,400 gallons of water per minute making them truly formidable against fires. Check out the animated demonstration of their capabilities which may become the future of firefighting.


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