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As film cameras continue to grow in popularity and the photography niche hits the mainstream, Leica has become something of a household name. The camera company is renowned for producing beautiful devices that, while pricey, satisfy photo pros and newbies alike. Their line of M-Series film cameras has earned particular praise and one of the most stunning from that lineup is currently up for auction. The Unique Gold version features gold-plated metal parts and an Ostrich leather covering on the grip area. Plus, it comes with a special edition black Elmar-M 2.8/50mm lens replete with stylish gold and red paint on the engravings. It’s certainly a collector’s item so we wouldn’t recommend adding it to your regular rotation of film cameras. Leica produced this special edition camera in collaboration with Leitz Photographica Auction and the proceeds from the auction will be donated to a non-profit organization in Austria and Germany. The bidding currently sits at about $13,800 and could reach as high as $21,000.

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