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Everyday Carry enthusiasts know big things come in small packages. Efficiently designed pocket knives, multi-tools, and keychains quickly climb the ladder of covetable EDC gear. That’s why we were drawn to knyphe, a combination iPhone case and EDC knife. knyphe, which is currently available to back on Kickstarter, was built by two engineers as a way to discreetly and effectively bring a useful pocket knife with you on the go. The thin fixed blade Everyday Carry pocket knife slides into the bottom corner of the phone case. Made with 440C stainless steel, this lightweight knife is durable and practical. It might not offer the same versatility and strength as some dedicated use pocket knives, but it is more than capable of handling tasks like opening packages and slicing food. Moreover, the ring on the end of the knife locks it into place when sliding it into the phone case. Currently, the case is sized for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. There are plans to expand the case options for other iPhone generations and Android phones. Made with thermoplastic polyurethane, the case should provide reasonable protection from drops and the grippy texture will minimize slips.

knyphe is a simple EDC tool but for folks looking to maximize space and bring a quality EDC knife on the go, then knyphe is ideal. knyphe has a funding goal of $30,000 with estimated delivery of September 2022.


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