You may have tossed your CDs after you ripped them to MP3, but you’ll never ditch your record collection. Not because you can’t convert them to MP3s, but because they’re vintage and awesome. That’s right, you CAN convert them to MP3s with the Denon DP-200USB TurnTable. The software even recognizes the songs and adds the artist, title and album name to the file. Now you can finally stop trying to figure out how to hook up your record player to your car stereo. What, no one else has tried that?


Whether at home or on-the-go, when it comes to vaporizers, we want it all. We want to be able to use full flower or potent concentrates depending on the mood–and keep it smooth without any harsh smoke. We want multiple modes for unique combinations of flavor and vapor. We want an oven that’s as easy to clean as it is adjustable depending on the length of the session. Sounds impossible, right? It’s not with PAX Plus. In addition to packing all those features into one perfectly portable device, it’s also one the most sleek and stylish products that’s come out recently.