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The Leica Ghost Edition for HODINKEE is a Thing of Beauty

The Leica Ghost Edition for HODINKEE is a Thing of Beauty

There is significant crossover within the watch and camera communities. Perhaps it’s the obsession for the mechanisms of these objects, or perhaps one can rack it up to the old world charm, but either way, there’s a good chance that someone who likes Rolexes may just enjoy a film camera, too.

This was the case with Ben Clymer, the founder of watch website and megabrand Hodinkee. With memories of his grandfather and father using a Leica, one would eventually find its way into his hands too. In his own words, it’s been an obsession ever since.

Now, Hodinkee and Leica have partnered on the m10-P Ghost Edition, which uses an M camera as its canvas (one popular among photographers like Bresson and Erwitt), with inspiration from a stainless steel dive watch that Clymer in his 20s. The result is a limited-edition camera with grey, white, and black accents that make for not only a gorgeous objet d’arte but a quality camera that will be by your side for all of life’s greatest occasions.

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