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8 New Apps You Should Know

8 New Apps You Should Know

Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.

Battle Golf Online

Less mobile Golden Tee and more Angry Birds meets Worms, Battle Golf Online is the latest in a series of addictive head-to-head games that will leave you amused for at least a month of lunch breaks. BGO works with the tried-and-true click once to set angle and again to set power to determine the trajectory and strength of your shot, but it’s not as simple as figuring out the perfect way to hit dead center because obstacles like trees, lighthouses and other mini golf classics can pop up around the hole to make winning more challenging. You also have the option of just clobbering a ball into your opponent’s skull to temporarily knock them out if you want some time to line up the win. iOS | Android


Somewhere between a text message style story delivered in small bits and a Choose Your Own Adventure novel you’ll find Cliffhanger. The iPhone and Android app tells a series of enthralling stories full of suspense, horror and even romance that have been created by different people to keep you captivated until the very end. We’ll be the first to admit that the varying subscription options can be a little annoying, but this is interactive entertainment that’s far more worthwhile in the long run than the single beer you’ll have to sacrifice each month to pay for it. iOS | Android


The team behind Duolingo–the language learning app aka “the most downloaded education app in the world”–has another fantastic educational app in Tinycards, but up until very recently the award-winning app was only available on iOS devices. Tinycards has officially made the jump to Android, and that means you can brush up on everything from Spanish Vocabulary and Organic Chemistry to Renaissance Art and the Muscles of the Body using a series of tiny flashcard decks specifically designed with smart learning techniques to help you remember all that new material. iOS | Android


When you’re out and about in New York City and nature calls, your options for relief can be severely limited. If only there was “an application that leads you via your phone GPS to the nearest acceptable toilet, wherever you are” like the iToilet from Seinfeld. There is now, and it’s called Rockaloo. For a fee of $1 – $9 (part of that goes to the business and part of it goes to charity) you can reserve a private bathroom at one of more than a hundred plus businesses across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens to take care of important business in the privacy of your own bathroom suite. It’s a crazy idea, but it’s better than most of the public toilet alternatives. iOS | Android


From the small two person team at Rex comes Questr, a simple and stylish iPhone app designed to help you tackle those life goals that seem so hard to accomplish once life gets in the way. The centerpiece of the app is a clock (perfect for those of you that use a dock or stand on your desk) surrounded by a circle that gradually fills itself in each day on an inner ring and for the year on an outer ring. Below the daily/yearly countdown you’ll find a quick swipe list of your current long-term goals and the controls for the app. If you don’t need a daily/weekly/monthly kick in the pants with a notification, this is a great app to stay on top of your goals in a more fluid manner. It’s also just a beautiful, color-changing clock for your phone. iOS

Enlight Quickshot

Between their classic namesake app and the recently featured Photofox, it’s safe to say the team at Enlight knows how to make a great photography app. Their latest creation is Quickshot, a speedy, simple and powerful editing app that combines all the usual features like filters, post-processing adjustments, HDR shooting and composition tools with the advanced Quickshot AI that automatically adjusts, straightens and enhances your shot while you’re taking it. With Quickshot you’ll never again say to yourself “I’ll just edit it later” only to leave it on your phone for months at a time. iOS


Last month, we talked about Sarahah, the anonymous messaging and feedback app that, like everything else on the Internet, quickly devolved into a platform that involved a lot of trolling and cyberbullying. If you’re into the idea of an anonymous commentary app and you don’t care about the fact that it feels a little high school, you want the positive vibes only tbh (as in “to be honest”) app from Midnight Labs. The current king of the hill on the iOS app store enforces constant positivity with a series of polls instead of an open comment box where anyone on the Internet can deposit vitriol. iOS


The app notin–aka “notes in notification”–is a stupidly simple that does exactly what it was designed to do and nothing more. This isn’t a note-taking app designed to save your latest crack at the great American novel or a long term to-do list you’ve been working on for ages–notin is all about constantly reminding you to take care of the little things with, you guessed it, notes in your notification area. Whether you’re trying to remember to pick up a bottle of wine from the store, air up your bike before a long ride or take out the trash before a vacation, notin is a basic app great for quick reminders. Android