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8 New Apps You Should Know

8 New Apps You Should Know

Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.

Boomerang Mail

If you’re not already using the Boomerang suite for your email, your productivity and your inbox are suffering. When we first found the productivity and time-saving suite, we mostly used it schedule email sends while burning the midnight oil. It’s also great for email response tracking, snoozes and reminders, and completely pausing your whole inbox when you’re on a crazy deadline. And now, finally, that functionality is available in iOS and Android apps that will improve your productivity so much you won’t even dread having email on your phone. iOS | Android

Clarity Money

Between your Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Amazon Prime and any other subscriptions you may have, you’re probably spending hundreds of dollars a year on subscription services. There are probably even a few that you completely forgot about, and that’s where Clarity Money comes in. Billed as “your personal financial advocate,” Clariy uses data science and machine learning to analyze your spending habits and help you save money by allowing you to easily manage or cancel accounts and subscriptions that are racking up fees. Stop wasting your money on stuff you’re not even using anymore. iOS | Android

South Park Phone Destroyer

Real-time PVP battles. Collectible cards. Upgradeable content. Huge single-player story. You could use that to describe just about any mobile collectible card game on the market, but the genre gets a whole helluva lot more interesting when it’s set in the world of South Park. Written and developed in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios, Phone Destroyer is a great way to kill some time in between meetings while also killing Kenny because, well, it just wouldn’t be South Park if you couldn’t kill Kenny. You bastard. iOS | Android


If there was any photo editing app that needed to get picked up by Apple and integrated into native iOS camera support, it’s Slør by Tobias Due Munk. The portrait mode photo editor allows you to simply and easily adjust aperture and focus with a combination of radial blurs and tilt-shift to create that perfect in and out of focus shot that’s all the rage these days. Your edits are even stored in Photos so you can quickly tweak them if you want to change the level of depth. Slør is like having a separate camera lens for your phone without having to carry anything extra. iOS

Google Files Go Beta

Want to speed up your Android phone by freeing up space while also getting offline file-sharing and file-management? Look no further than Google’s own Files Go. Remove rarely used apps. Get rid of spam and duplicate images. Organize and easily find photos, videos and documents. Clear app cache and chat app media. Best of all, all these easy to use features are available through the use of smart cards in an app that takes up under 6MB of space. While we expect to see a fully-fledged version of the app in the near future, this is still an unreleased Beta at this point. There could still be bugs. Android


It’s been said that all good habits start with a single step in the right direction, and the app HabitMinder will keep you honest when it comes to your goals. Whether you’re looking to keep track of steps, hydration, relaxation, stretching, meditation or just about anything else, HabitMinder uses overall and individual dashboards too help you accomplish all those daily tasks that are otherwise hard to track. iOS


What happens when you give Steven Soderbergh an HBO-sized show budget and carte blanche to create what he wants? HBO Presents: Mosaic, a film starring Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Jennifer Ferrin and others that gives you a completely unique, immersive experience through interactive storytelling that allows you to switch character perspective and make discoveries through supplemental information. Think Choose Your Own Adventure meets feature film. Mosaic is only available for iOS now, but an Android release is coming soon. iOS

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

We generally limit ourselves to one new game a month, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to choose between Sonic The Hedgehog and South Park because they’re both great and vastly different. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle allows you to control everyone’s favorite bright blue mammal or one of his friends as you battle your friends through tracks collecting rings, setting best times and trapping/attacking your friends with mines, lightning, fireballs and even tornadoes. It’s basically a battle royale style endless runner that plays like a combination of Sonic and Mario Kart. Say goodbye to your free time. iOS | Android