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8 New Apps You Should Know

8 New Apps You Should Know

Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.


The great browser debate is one that’s been around since Netscape was a thing and Google wasn’t a company. You have options for multi-device syncing across Safari and Chrome already, but until now everyone’s favorite flaming fox wasn’t available for Apple devices. Now all you Firefox desktop users can have access to seamless, cross-platform browsing (including history and passwords) with Sync, intelligent searches with predictive results and a clean, intuitive design based on visual tabs. iTunes Android

Lumino City

There are plenty of games on the market that promise the same sort of awe-inspiring, visually breathtaking puzzle adventure that Lumino City provides, but none of them deliver like Lumino City does. The entire game was handmade using paper, card, miniature lights and motors, and then shot in such a way that’s mesmerizing, unbelievable and absolutely beautiful. It’s won everything from BAFTA awards to high praise from every trusted digital or game publication (think WIRED and Rock Paper Shotgun) because it is absolutely unlike anything else you’ve ever played. iTunes

YouTube Music

While you might not think of it this way, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and the largest streaming music service. It’s easy to use. It runs in any browser. It’s free. The content library is massive. All of these things have been combined with a music optimized experience for YouTube Music, their latest spin off app. In addition to the tens of millions of tracks you’ll find on all the streaming services, YouTube Music also has the ability to serve you related videos (lyrics, live, covers, etc.), create offline mixtapes (Red subscription required) and adjust your “station variety” to spice up the tracks that are next. iTunes Android

Runtastic Results

Finding the time to hit the gym, or the space for all the equipment in your own place, is often easier said than done. Runtastic Results gives you a full twelve week training program with different difficulty levels that requires absolutely no equipment and is individually tailored to your unique fitness level. The in-app purchases to get a completely customized plan, health and nutrition guides and hundreds of HD exercise videos aren’t cheap, but it’s still a much better bargain than months at a gym or hiring a personal trainer. iTunes Android

Notify by Facebook

It can be hard to believe at times, but Facebook is a legitimate news source for everything from world events and sports to movies and style. Notify capitalizes on that by giving you a separate dashboard for everything you’re interested in that’s free of cat pictures, babies and birthday notifications. Once you select your preferred stations, you’ll get a 24-hour window into everything they have to offer with easy swipe controls for saving and sharing. Notify is a one stop shop for news you care about–if you’re willing to fork over access to all your information (which you already did if you use Facebook). iTunes


You know that box of last-gen gadgets you have buried somewhere that you’ve long since forgotten about? You can finally put the Android phones and tablets to use with the new home monitoring system called Perch. Install the app. Connect your device to power and wifi, and then position it wherever you want a camera. Now log in to your system from your primary device or laptop and check out what’s going on at home. There’s even an option to open up a video chat in case the kids, dogs or cats are misbehaving. Android


Shooting HDR with your phone gets a bad rap because it tends to blow everything out of proportion and make it way too perfect, but that’s not the case with Code Organa’s new app Relight. Relight, which includes a tutorial to walk you through the entire process, gives you access to live HDR images, lighting correction and eight different modes that will take your photos into the realm of extraordinary–without making them so polished they’re unbelievable. Relight paints HDR photography in a whole new light. iTunes


Everyone knows that traveling with a local is the best way to truly experience somewhere new when you’re scratching the wanderlust itch. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible, or cost effective, to get a local guide. That’s where Townske comes in. With over 3,000 guides from all across the world, Townske gives you magazine quality city guides filled with travel inspiration and local knowledge from people who actually live where you’re visiting. Gorgeous images, great venues and intimate details let Townske turn you into a local, anywhere. iTunes