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Skincare is way too complicated, but it really does work–if you do it right. Trust us, doing it right is alarmingly easy with the right products. That’s where Geologie comes in with their simple, powerful skincare for men. Geologie products are built around a handful of powerful, effective ingredients that have been trusted by dermatologists for decades–no fads, fillers or marketing fluff. Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to work. Geologie has you covered. Even better, you get an exclusive 50% off with code COOL50, so get your 30-day trial set today.


Most of the time, you don’t want to mess with the classics. But Huckberry went ahead and made a new version of the duckboot and honestly, it’s better than the classic. This duckboot hybrid combines the classic with an adventure sneaker that’s infused with more versatility, performance and comfort. Full-grain leather upper. Waterproof and breathable membrane on the inside with sealed seams. Traditional and extended rand for maximum waterproof and abrasion resistance. EVA midsole that makes it feel like a sneaker. Vibram outsole for maximum performance and comfort. Get your Huckberry All-Weather gear–including their best-in-class duckboots and chore boots–today.