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Todd Snyder sits at the helm of modern American menswear and for good reason. Preppy but not pretentious, urban and urbane, Snyder’s eye for design sits at the crossroads of Ivy League and Midtown. Who better, then, to inject a bit of city-going to L.L. Bean?

Their collection, called “Maine-ah” (a play on the New England accent that pervades the region) is a handsome departure for both brands that somehow works seamlessly for each other’s overall aesthetic. This actually isn’t the first time the two brands have crossed paths. But, we love the direction in this new collaborative lineup. From golden-hued workshirts to park ranger-inspired jackets, from footwear to chinos, this is a comprehensive collection that toes the line of revisionism for the heritage brand and a step into upstate New York for Snyder’s. Much of the collection is already sold out but you can still pick up a few of the times now.

High Five

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